Why Should You Private Label CBG? | Bulk CBD, CBG, CBN Material Sale

Have you heard about CBG? If you’re in the cannabinoid world you probably have.

Whether you know what cannabigerol is or not keep reading to learn more about this exciting new cannabinoid. There’s a very good chance that it’s going to take the market by storm.

What is CBG?

Cannabigerol or CBG is yet another amazing cannabinoid that is produced naturally in cannabis and hemp plants. It is one of 113 known cannabinoids. And it’s likely there are hundreds or even thousands more that the scientists have yet to discover.

CBG, like most cannabinoids, has potent anti-inflammatory and pain reduction benefits. But, unlike the other famous non-psychoactive cannabinoid – CBD – CBG is not great for bedtime.
What are the Unique Benefits of CBG?

The most distinct, and exciting benefit of CBG is that it has a stimulating effect. No, this isn’t caffeine. It doesn’t make you jittery or induce panic attacks.

Quite the opposite actually. Since it is a cannabinoid it is very effective at reducing symptoms of anxiety and stress. But CBG does this in a way that, if anything, boosts your ability to focus, get into flow, and be productive.

Some people are not mentally affected by CBD. Others say that it makes them feel a bit drowsy (read more relaxed) and they don’t like to take it during the day.

CBG will not produce these effects. It provides the user with smooth, calm focus throughout the day. CBG is the nootropic of the cannabinoid world.

Should You Sell CBG Private Label?

If you sell CBD CBG is an excellent counterpoint to your CBD-focused product line. An optimal cannabinoid “stack” is to take CBG in the mornings with coffee or other daytime supplements.

Doing so will help your customers get in the zone and crush their day. Then provide CBD as a nightime, wind down supplement to aid in sleep and keep inflammation down while the user rests.

Or, even better, offer them a combo of CBG and CBD to take together in the mornings. Ask about our 3:1 CBG: CBD tincture. Just make sure your customers know that CBG is not advisable in the evenings.

If you would like to offer your customers an anti-inflammatory supplement that makes them more focused and productive, then CBG is for you and your product line.

CBG Tincture and Bulk Raw CBG

Right now, CBG is in its infancy in the mass market. The number of products it is in is still limited. But, you can get CBG tinctures from Casco Bay Hemp right now. If you’d like to branch out and do some experimenting on your own, request bulk raw CBG material.

Request a CBG product and pricing guide today!

Don’t let this next wave cannabinoid pass you by. Get your customers the best plant-based supplements in the world and diversify your portfolio.

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