What Is The Best CBD Product For Spring? | Organic Maine CBD

Spring is springing, although it’s not quite sprung.

Just this morning I was out walking and noticed the incessant chirping of birds and their chicks. The season is no doubt turning, and spring is in the air.

Although there’s still ice on the ground and the heat is on inside, things feel different.

And since the heat is still on, but it’s about to be the glorious summer once again, now is the perfect time to start healing some of the damage the cold dark winter has done to you.

Winter Is The Enemy Of Healthy, Soft Skin

In particular, heal your skin after the relentless beating it has taken form dry, cold air outside, and dry, hot air inside.

There isn’t much consistency when it comes to winter… the temperature could be 60 degrees, or 20 below (depending where you live, of course), it could rain, snow, sleet, hail, or be beautifully sunny. You never know.

But you can always count on winter drying out your skin.

Particularly your hands.

And while all CBD products are great for all times of year, because CBD is so ubiquitously healthy for the human body, this is the time of year to heal the damage your outer layer has taken while protecting your insides from the intense conditions going outside.

Heal Your Skin With New, Stronger CBD Cream

The easiest way to heal your skin, while receiving all the other benefits of CBD too (like more relaxation, less aches and pains, and easier sleep) is to moisturize your skin with CBD Cream.

And in honor of the changing of the seasons, you can now choose between three new CBD Cream products.

These new CBD Creams have 33% more CBD per dose, and come in a jar that is 50% larger than they used to.

All for the exact same price.

More lotion. More CBD. Same price.

Doesn’t that sound like a great deal?

Choose from Lavender & Lemongrass, Bergamot & Grapefruit, or plain old CBD Cream to heal your skin.

And, I should also mention, that the essential oils in these new creams (lavender, lemongrass, bergamot, and grapefruit) besides healing your skin, protect it from outside invaders.

Both scented creams are anti microbial – they protect your body from viruses, bacteria, fungi, and all the other “bad guys” of the microbial world.

These new creams give you soft, supple skin meant for beach days and barbecues, and ease your germ induced anxiety by preventing infections and invasions from microscopic threats.

Pick the 600mg CBD Cream that is right for you.

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