What Is CBD Beard Oil?

Do you have a beard you’re proud to show off? Or do you have a beard that could use more work to grow and shine?

Either way, it may be time to try CBD beard oil to help give it luster and overall health. Here’s some more insight about this product.

It Soothes and Moisturizes the Skin

Don’t neglect the skin beneath your beard. Doing so can result in skin problems such as bumps, dryness, and irritation. The moisturizing effects of CBD beard oil can keep the skin underneath your beard as smooth and healthy as possible. Keeping that skin healthy and nourished can help your beard continue to grow. Who knows, one day you may decide to shave your beard, and you don’t want to have damaged skin underneath.

Helps Inflammation Reduction

According to the National Library of Medicine, many people use CBD products for their anti-inflammatory benefits, and those same benefits can work on your beard skin. Treat problems in that area by rubbing it with CBD beard oil to promote healing, so the skin is healthy. It may reduce any redness or other skin conditions. Reducing inflammation in that area can also help your beard grow since your hair follicles will have a healthy environment to produce new beard hairs.

Feeds the Beard

Just like the hair on your head, your beard hair needs nutrients to grow and look lustrous. With proper blood circulation, your beard follicles can get the nutrients they need to grow thick and healthy, A good rubbing with CBD beard oil helps open up the blood vessels in that area so your hair follicles can receive the fatty acids and minerals in the oil.

Provide a Nice Scent

A tangled, smelly beard isn’t attractive. Let CBD beard oil work its magic, not only in terms of how your beard looks but also how it smells. It’ll give your beard a nice natural scent after you wash it. It’ll also feel nice to the touch with a natural shine.

Treat your beard like the hair on your head and give it the love it deserves. There are many potential benefits to using CBD products on your beard, such as blood circulation, growth, and a reduction in skin inflammation. All these things can come together to produce a healthy beard you’ll be proud to show off. According to CFAH, 21% of American men and 16% of American women have tried CBD. If you want to be one of them, contact our team at Casco Bay Hemp for more information.

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