What Ice Balls Can Teach You About CBD | Private Label CBD in Maine

For the first time in what felt like years (I guess it almost is), I grabbed a drink at a bar in Downtown Portland yesterday.

Covid restrictions are decreasing, and it’s bout less uncomfortable to be out in public.

Of course, masks are still required, but there’s a sense in the air that we’re almost out the other side of this pandemic.


Who knows. We’ll find out over the next couple months.

Anyways, it felt great to be sitting in a bar again, to have a sense of normalcy.

This place I was at is a bit of a fancy cocktail bar, one of those places that uses ice balls for some of their drinks instead of ice cubes. Mostly for the whiskey drinks like old fashioneds and such.

And they make their ice balls right on the bar top when an order comes through. In real time.

The device that makes ice balls is a real satisfying mechanism to watch.

It’s two pieces of metal that you place an ice block (probably a cube that is 4”x4”x4”, or something like that) in between.

The weight of the top metal piece forces the top to shape the ice cube that is sitting below it.

I didn’t see inside the ice press, but it’s clearly spherical inside.

CBD Is As Natural As Gravity And Melting Ice

As the ice begins to melt, the top press continues to slide down the sides of the block until the two metal pieces meet in the middle, and the now ice call is encased inside the metal.

Then the bartender pulls the ball out and drops it in the proper glass.

Check out a video of one of these ice ball makers if you’ve never seen one, you’ll find it oddly satisfying.

As I was sitting there watching this miracle of ice shaping happen in front of my eyes, I noticed how effortless this process was.

The ice naturally melted, allowing the metal to slide down its sides and eventually shave all the hard edges off the block to make it into a ball.

No effort.

Just melting and gravity did all the work.

It got me thinking, that’s basically what CBD does in your body.

When you take some, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream one way or another, travels throughout your body, and unlocks all your cannabinoid receptors, located in nearly every cell in your body.


Even if you don’t believe that CBD “works” it does.

You don’t need to do any work.

The Best CBD Products “Work” No Matter What You Do Or Believe

It’s the same if that ice cube didn’t “believe” in gravity and ice melting at room temperature.

It would still happen, and inevitably that cube is going to become a ball.

Taking CBD is just like a piece of metal sliding down the side of a melting ice cube. You put it in your body and the natural process just happens. No matter what your thoughts or feelings on using CBD are, no matter how hard you try to make it work, or not work, CBD is going to go about its business either way.

It’s going to go about the business of reducing inflammation, lowering stress levels, and allowing the body to heal itself from within.


Remind your customers of how easy taking CBD is, how easy it is to relieve stress and reduce inflammation. No effort, no worry. It just works.

And make sure you keep giving them the very best CBD products, made with the highest quality ingredients, and held to the highest purity standards in the industry.

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