What are the Best Pet CBD Products for the Fourth of July? | Organic CBD

Summer is upon you, are you ready for cookouts, beach days, and warm nights? Maybe you’ve already been partaking in the fun of warm weather and long days.

Now that it’s mid-June it’s time to start thinking about your Fourth of July plans. Seems like Independence Day celebrations rate going to be a bit more normal this year.

But is that a good thing for your pets? Keep reading to learn how you can keep your furry-friends calm during a raucous American celebration.

Why Should You Give Your Pets CBD on July Fourth?

July fourth is a day of celebration. There are cookouts, swimming, and of course fireworks to top a fun evening off.

Fun is had by all. At least all the humans.

But, do you think your pets enjoy the exploding light show in the sky? Probably not as much as you.

Many animals are downright fearful of fireworks and hide in terror when the show begins and for hours afterward. Fireworks on July Fourth are inevitable, but maybe your pets anxiety doesn’t have to be.

Enter CBD for your pets. CBD is great to soothe their nerves, keep them calm, an reduce their anxiety.

Maybe it won’t make them courageous in the face of fireworks, but at least it will help them tolerate the noises a bit more. And hopefully recover to their normal selves afterward.

So that begs the questions, which CBD products are best for your pets on July Fourth?

CBD Tincture—Perfect for Cats & Dogs

CBD tincture is the ultimate pet CBD product. It’s easy to mix in with any food and you can control the dose.

On a stressful day like the Fourth with tons of people around, lots of activities, and yes of course the fireworks, upping their normal dose may not be a bad idea.

The tincture will help keep them calmer all day, and should combat some of the anxiety they’ll feel when the finale hits.

CBD Pet Treats

July Fourth is obviously a day for lots of good eating. Grilling, sandwiches, and snacks galore. But why leave your four-legged friend out of the feeding frenzy?

They’re probably trying to get in on some of the good-eating action anyways, might as well throw them a bone, if you catch the drift.

And if you’re going to be giving them an extra special treat why not make it one loaded with CBD? CBD pet treats make you feel good about indulging your best furry-friends.

They get something special, and you give them some nourishing CBD.

They think they’re being rewarded, you know you’re helping them be healthier and stay calmer during the festivities.

A win-win.

Head over to our CBD for Pets product category page to find the perfect strength and flavor of CBD to give your pets a joyful Fourth of July!

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