Want Less Pain? Try Lidocaine from Casco Bay Hemp, Your Wholesale CBD Patch Manufacturers

We know, life hurts.

It bangs and bruises, and asks a lot of the body to get through the day.

It’s not a hard knock life, but it’s not not a hard knock life for most of us.

Specially since most of us nowadays spend hours planted in front of computers, phones, tablets, and tv’s. Guilty as charged.

We’re bent out of shape from staring at our screens all day long.

Then, when it’s time to get out and run, hike, bike, or swim, all the sudden we aren’t physically equipped to be active. Turns out, sitting on your rear for 8-14 hours a day isn’t conducive to being an upright and active human bean.

So we inevitably injure ourselves when lifting that extra patio chair.

What to do to relieve the aches and pains of modern life?

Slap on an adult sticker and let the grown up bumps melt away, that’s what.

And now, you, our delightful wholesale client, have the option to provide your aching, stunted customers with near instant relief from their painful existences.

Thanks in part to us, your…

Wholesale CBD Patch Manufacturers

…bringing to market a pain pounding patch laced with Lidocaine, one of the most effective and fast acting anesthetics available to regular Joes and Janes, like the ever aching folks who buy your products.

These patches have 60mg of CBD and are 4% Lidocaine per patch.

Pretty powerful pain punifiers – if you don’t mind my made up word.

All your ever-loving horde of customers has to do is rip open the package, wash a relatively hair-free piece of their body with soap and hot water (not necessary but ideal), slap this CBD+Lidocaine patch onto the clean area, and let the patch do the rest.

Within minutes they’ll notice a warm tingle overcome their physical body, making them feel like all their aches and pains are not the thorns in their side they thought they were.

That’s because they’re not.

Wholesale CBD+Lidocaine Patches

Lidocaine is an anesthetic. If you know what that means, but don’t exactly know what that means, join the club.

However, after a quick google search, it seems that an anesthetic is a numbing medication that causes complete loss of feeling in the medicated area, with or without loss of consciousness.

These patches will not make your customers lose consciousness.

If that’s what you want to do, may I recommend distilling spirits as an alternative to wellness triggering CBD.

Assuming you want to keep your customers awake and kickin’, while reducing their pain, then these patches are your genie in a bottle.

They’ll dull and numb the aches of modern life, while enabling your fans to engage more effectively with modern life.


Sounds like it.

Get these Wholesale CBD Patches with Lidocaine from your favorite Wholesale CBD Patch Manufacturers…Casco Bay Hemp (us). Your customers will endure less to get through the day, and they’ll have you to thank for it. Pop over to the pain-free link to place an order pronto (large quantities available… as large as you can imagine).

To apply to become a wholesale partner, click here or email wholesale@cascobayhemp.com

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