Transdermal Orchestra Taking the CBD World By Storm…Wholesale CBD Patches

You have to be 21+ to purchase CBD. We’re all adults here, I won’t sugarcoat this.

There are a lot of people in pain out there in the world right now.

Psychological, physical, spiritual – if you’re inclined to believe in that type of thing.

And I don’t think I need a better example than the opioid crisis that America is still in the grips of, even if it no longer dominates the headlines… other crises have taken over for the time being.

People are taking prescription pain killers for all sorts of reasons, and many of them started taking those pain killers after they were prescribed by a doctor. Most of those people no longer have prescriptions. Hence the crisis.

Huge demand, little legal supply.

It’s a recipe for the disaster that has been unfolding for the last few years.

What does this have to do with CBD you might ask?

Well, a lot.

But for the purposes of this short little piece, that is not really about opioids, mental health, spiritual injury, or any crisis gripping the planet, I will talk about physical pain.

CBD may or may not be great for pain. Contact your local FDA agent for a definitive answer on that. But “people” say it is. I, unfortunately, can’t.

What I can say is good for pain, is Lidocaine and Menthol.

Wholesale CBD Patches With Pain Relief Packed In

Lidocaine is an anesthetic. Menthol is an analgesic. For those of you, like me, who are not anesthesiologists here’s what that means:

  • An anesthetic produces complete loss of feeling (numbness) with or without complete loss of consciousness.
  • An analgesic provides pain relief without numbness or loss of consciousness.

And now, both of these powerful pain relieving compounds are available in one convenient product (plus CBD too, but according to the FDA that doesn’t relieve pain…)

And while this patch WILL NOT make anyone lose consciousness, like some other anesthetics will, it will make the wearer feel pretty darn good. They’ll get some pain relief from the menthol plus some numbing from the lidocaine… it makes a pretty powerful combo.

And lidocaine happens to be an antiarrhythmic to boot. So it’ll regulate heart arrhythmia.

Now the rub.

Your Customers Can Soothe Their Sores Away With Your Wholesale CBD Patches

If your people happen to be in pain from an injury, surgery, or life, and whether they have been prescribed prescription painkillers or not, this CBD+Menthol+Lidocaine patch will be a wonderful addition to any pain tolerance regimen.

Of course, doctors must be consulted if using CBD patches, especially while on other medications.

And of course, people should do what the doctor says and prescribes.

But CBD patches for pain management – especially patches with compounds approved by the anesthesiologists of the world – are an excellent supplement.

More people using this patch means less pain in the world, and who knows what that means.

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