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Do you get stressed during the holiday season? It almost seems redundant asking that question.

As joyous as this time of year is supposed to be, it seems to dish out equal portions of stress and blessings.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be that way. You are in control of how stressed you get about anything, especially how much the holidays make you worry.

Keep reading to learn about the top four stress relief tips for the holidays.

Curl Up With Candy Cane CBD Tincture

Who doesn’t love to curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch the cold world go by outside? Or throw on a favorite movie with a nice cup of hot chocolate and maybe a sweet treat?

It’s a sign that it’s winter, and these are some of the nicest things you can do for yourself. Take an hour or two to let yourself relax and float off to a calmer place.

Now, with Candy Cane CBD tincture, you can take this foray onto the couch to another level of unwinding. Drop some into your coffee or hot chocolate, or drop some right under your tongue.

The minty candy cane flavor will transport you back to when you were a kid, a time when the holidays meant fun and school vacation. Not, bills and worry responsibilities.

Throw on a classic movie to go along with it and score extra relaxation points as you let everything go for a couple hours with the help of Candy Cane CBD Tincture.

You can grab some here to help get you through the holidays.

Exercise & CBD Muscle Rubs

Giving yourself a little time to lounge and unwind is incredibly soothing. But, sometimes the best way to get rid of your holiday tension is a hard workout.

Exercise can be one of the most effective stress relief tools in your relaxation tool kit. And, it’s even more important during the holidays, one of the more stressful times of the year.

But you can’t let a workout take the energy out of you afterward. Stiff muscles and a sore body may be a good reminder that you went hard at the gym, but they don’t help you breeze through your busy days.

That’s why, if you’re going to move and workout to help release holiday tension – which you should – be sure to follow your workouts up with CBD Muscle Relief Gel.

It comes as a roll on, and has 4% menthol to compliment the soothing CBD. Menthol, by the way, is an analgesic and anesthetic.

That means it washes pain and soreness right out of stiff muscles and joints. Plus, it’s still loaded with CBD.

Using this roll on gel after a workout will help you maintain that post exercise zen, while also helping your body flush the aches and pains of hard work out.

That way, you can get back to the holiday hustle more relaxed and pain free. Grab some CBD Muscle Relief Gel roll on here and get after it.

Exercise plus CBD plus menthol will keep you relaxed and even-keeled year-round, especially during the holidays.

CBD + Melatonin Tincture To Ensure Deep Sleep

Do you know what the ultimate stress-relief is?


Good, deep sleep.

Nothing does more for your body than getting regular full nights of restorative rest. But, coming by deep restful sleep can be hard, especially during this most stressful season.

That’s why using CBD + Melatonin tincture is so essential right now. It’s relaxing and soothing and the melatonin doubles down on the calm state that CBD induces to send you off into dreamland.

Using this vital tool to help you keep a regular sleep schedule will work wonders for your waking hours. Quality sleep helps you keep a more stable mood, get more done during your day, and funnily enough help you sleep better overall.

Restful sleep creates a feedback loop that helps you get good rest the next night too.

Use this CBD + Melatonin tincture to induce a night of good sleep, and then continue to reap the rewards night after night.

Soon, the holidays will be over, and it will feel like a breeze. Get your sleeping feedback loop spinning here.

A Powerful Supplement to Help You Hustle Through Your Day

As anxiety inducing as the holidays can be, relaxing and drifting off in blissful relaxation is not the only way to deal with them. Doing that is nice and necessary, but it’s not the only way to handle stress.

Sometimes you’ve just got to attack what is stressing you out, head on.

Enter CBG tincture.

CBG, also known as the mother of all cannabinoids, is a relative of CBD. But it’s effects are less soothing bliss and more smooth focus.

That to-do list that keeps getting longer, no matter how many items you check off? Easier with CBG.

Holiday chores around the house, you’ve been putting off for too long? Pop some CBG tincture and watch the chores melt away like snow in a January thaw.

CBG helps you access a focused flow state more easily. When you take some, your mental energy and focus skyrocket – without the jitters and tension usually associated with caffeine.

CBG is also relaxing, but in a different way than CBD.

It gives you a feeling that whatever is in front of you is manageable and then kicks you in the rear to get it done. Afterwards, you’ll feel accomplished.

And you’ll have a sense that everything you just accomplished was… easier than it should have been.

That’s the power of CBG.

Then, after you’ve bustled through your day, you can drop some Candy Cane CBD tincture to compliment it and head to the couch for a little well-earned time to tune out.

But before you can lie back, satisfied with everything you got done, you’ve got to get it all done.

CBG tincture is your secret weapon to power through everything you’ve got to do this holiday season.

Snag yours here and have fun with this exciting cannabinoid.

Have a Wonderful Holiday Season With Your Favorite Cannabinoids

And there it is, the top four stress relief tips for the holidays. It’s a short season but it can be a struggle.

Use the power of CBD and CBG plus menthol and melatonin to help you get through with ease. Soon it will all be over, and you can focus on building a better you in the New Year!

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