Top 4 Best Organic CBD Products for Fall 2020

We’re a proud Maine company, we come from Maine. And that means, where we are, it gets cold quickly and early.

I don’t know where you’re from, but up here the temp is dropping rapidly. It’s been frost in the mornings and snowmaking on the ski mountains cold this week. Winter is rolling in on us quickly and summer already feels like a far gone memory. On to the next one, I guess.

While the next season is still on the horizon is always a good time to plan how you’re going to deal with it. And fall (which can be pretty short up here), is the perfect time to think about staying warm, keeping skin – especially on your hands – soft; smooth; and crack free, eating delicious foods from the autumn harvest and having your favorite treats handy to get you through short days, and cold nights.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite ways to handle colder weather and shorter days, to stay happy and healthy during long arduous winters, with a little help from our favorite wellness compound…CBD.

We’ve been in the CBD industry for a couple decades now and we’re lifelong Mainers.

That means we’re pros when it comes to handling long winters and pros when it comes to using hemp and cannabis to maintain optimal wellness. Get through the impending winter (and the rest of this crazy year…) like the pros.

Here goes…

1. Maine Made CBD Salve

Those of you from warmer climates might not have this problem, but us in the North have real trouble with cracked hands, all winter long.

The cold outside and the dry heat inside are the perfect combo to tear your hands right up. Or, at least, that was the unfortunate reality until you found some CBD salve in your mits.

CBD salve soaks deep into your skin, leaving lotion behind on the outer layers as it seeps into your bloodstream. The CBD diffuses throughout your body, easing tension, relieving pain, and moisturizing the hell out of your worst cracks and cuts.

Pain relief, relaxation, and moisturizing all in one product? Professional.

Shop our CBD Salve here (it’s on sale!). Available in 900mg Lavender, Vanilla, and Unscented.

2. Organic Peppermint CBD Tincture

Cold weather calls for comforting concoctions.

Peppermint CBD Tincture is perfect for just that. It makes no difference whether you’re spiking your hot chocolate or coffee or leaving them unadulterated. A dash of refreshing, minty, Peppermint CBD tincture will liven up your hot drinks and melt away any pain or tension. Sending you to a tropical island of warm relaxation… even if you’re in Maine.

Shop our Peppermint CBD Oil Tincture here.

3. Fresh Fall CBD Gummy Flavors

Before we get too depressed and move right into winter mindset let’s recall some of the great things about fall…

Namely, the fruits of the farmer’s labors, the “bountifall” harvest and all the fruits (and vegetables) that it produces.

Two local staples here in Maine are apples and cranberries. And now you can taste these delectable treats with a hit of soothing CBD to go along with them.

Get yer now soft and supple hands on some 100% organic Maine apple and cranberry gummies.

Beat Father Time and snag some gummies before the dark day doldrums of winter get a hold of you, and you go into the waking hibernation that is winter brain.

Shop our Maine made CBD Gummies here.

4. Hand Crafted CBD Bath Bombs

The temperature is dropping steadily up here, and it’ll continue to drop for the next three months, before we bottom out in the pits of winter. We have at least 6 months of cold ahead of us (and probably a bit more than that, TBH).

Wherever you are, you likely will be facing cooler than comfortable temperatures no matter what.

So partake in the ancient tradition of… taking a bath.

And modernize it by throwing in some helpful CBD to make your pampering routine extra soothing.

100mg of CBD per bath bomb is twice as much as most companies pack into their bombs and gives you twice as much relaxation in one bath. These super strong bath bombs will put you in a blissed out state of mind as you let the hot waters of an autumn bath soak deep into your bones.

Float away into pure bliss while CBD works it’s magic on you.

Shop CBD Bath Bombs here.

Whatever you do, Buy Organic CBD Made in Maine

Wherever you are, and however you normally cope with the shorter colder days that fall ushers in, help yourself get through with some cold-weather-pro Maine CBD products.

Shop our full line of fall CBD products, and see what else we have to offer for this time of year, or any season.

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