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You love Maine. Everyone who lives here does. And people who don’t live here might even love Maine more.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

If You Love Maine, Keep Reading

People from near and far can’t help but adore this enchanted place. Mountains, ocean, rivers, lakes, forests. What’s not to love?

Not to mention the great culture Maine has.

Local economies, craft driven businesses, thoughtful; caring; intelligent leaders – at least in the business world.

It’s no wonder that Maine has been dubbed Vacationland, and it certainly is worth a lifetime, even if you only visit once.

Just ask anyone from New York who has relocated here. Would they have gone anywhere else?

They could have, but they chose our beloved state.

Maine Made CBD

All of these great parts of Maine are exemplified in our burgeoning CBD and hemp industry.

It’s a local economy. Actually, Maine hemp and CBD production is multiple local economies.

Agriculture, manufacturing, production, sales, marketing, and general small business are all integral pieces of the fast growing Maine CBD economy.

And… CBD is great for you too!

You can choose to support numerous local economies, and your very own body by making one simple decision – buying Maine Made CBD.

What CBD Products Should I Buy?

An excellent question.

There are so many options for CBD in the world nowadays, it can be hard to decide what to get. It’s tough to know what is right for you, what is going to benefit you the most, and what product you’re going to love from the first use, so you’ll keep coming back to it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind as you search for the right local CBD product:

  • Buy from a reputable company – do not get your CBD from a gas station. Only purchase CBD products from companies who can provide third party lab analysis results. You’re risking taking low-quality, cheap products if you don’t.
  • Is it locally made? There are tons of great CBD companies from around the country, and now the world, too. But do you want to support a huge conglomerate from Colorado or Canada? If you’re a true Mainer that goes against your values. Buy local, Maine Made CBD. Not only do Maine CBD producers make some of the finest CBD products in the market, you also support your neighbors when you buy from them. Keep your money in Maine.
  • How do you want to take your CBD? CBD works no matter how you take it – topical, tincture, edible, they all do you good. The question is, how do you want to consume your products? Some people love CBD gummies with Maine grown organic fruit. Others prefer the power of strong CBD tinctures they can hold under their tongue and feel within minutes. It’s all your preference. Would you rather eat your CBD, rub it on your body, soak in a bath of it? Try them all and discover which is best for you.

No matter how you decide to take your CBD, know that it is benefiting your body and mind. And if you’re buying Maine CBD products, feel comfortable knowing that while you’re enhancing your mind and body, you’re also doing the soul of this great state some good too.

Shop our selection now to decide which Maine CBD products to test out. No matter what you choose you’ll feel the benefits of CBD and so will the state of Maine.

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