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Is there a difference between “CBD Oil” and “CBD Tincture?”

Short story long, no.

If there was a difference at some point in the misty past, those days are behind us.

CBD Oil and CBD Tincture are used interchangeably on labels, in descriptions, even in news media coverage of CBD products.

Technically speaking CBD Tincture is a more accurate, specific term.

A tincture is a compound, usually a plant or animal compound, dissolved in another substance. CBD Oil is actually a tincture. A tincture of CBD dissolved in oil.

And this is where you concern when it comes to CBD Oil or tincture should begin.

There may not be differences between CBD Oil and CBD Tincture, but there are certainly differences between different CBD Oil products.

Where you get your CBD Oil from is of ultimate concern.

CBD Oil products are relatively easy to make. Because of this, everybody and their Uncle Jimmy now makes CBD Oil products.

And there are some not so considerate Uncle Jimmy’s out there, making substandard CBD Oil products.

Here are a few pointers to keep in mind when you’re out in the market buying CBD Oil products.

1. NEVER Buy CBD Oil From a Gas Station or Convenience Store

Of course, as the CBD market matures there will be more and more reputable CBD brands popping up in ever more convenient places. But for now, as a good rule of thumb, if the CBD is being sold in a gas station, don’t buy it. These tend to be the companies who are cutting corners and using lower grade ingredients to turn a quick buck while the CBD market is still relatively unregulated.

2. Demand Lab Tests

If the company who you’re buying CBD from can’t or won’t show you the lab test results for the CBD in their products DO NOT buy this CBD. If they aren’t getting their CBD lab tested, then there’s no way to ensure that the CBD they use is pure, in contaminated CBD. And, if they refuse to show you the lab results, what could they be hiding? If they don’t have lab results or refuse to show them to you, don’t buy this CBD.

3. Use CBD Oils That Are Higher in Strength

200mg to 300mg is pretty popular in the CBD Oil market. But, CBD oils at this low strength are likely too low to pass on any benefit to the user. A 300mg CBD Oil will give you about 10mg of CBD per 1ml of tincture taken. For a small animal or child, that may be a good dose. For an adult however, you’re going to need to up the dosage a little bit. Of course you could take 5ml of 300mg CBD Oil, but then you’ll be burning through your oil at an expensive rate.

It’s better to go up in strength and take 1ml that gives you 40mg to 60mg of CBD per dose to start. Once you try that out, you can lower or up the dosage according to how your body feels. But avoid the mistake many first time CBD users make of going really low on your dose, not noticing any benefits, and then deciding that CBD doesn’t work for you. There is no potential for overdose, sickness, or anxiety by taking too much CBD. The worst that could possibly happen is that you could feel drowsy, and that is at very high doses, in the multiple hundreds of milligram range.

There you have it. A few good rules to keep in mind when buying CBD Oil.

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