The Luck of the Irish is Here for Everyone—St. Patrick’s Day CBD Sale

Yes, it’s that time of year again when you don a green outfit and head out to pinch anyone else who hasn’t. That’s right, St. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner.

And you know what will go well with that green shirt you wear once a year?


And you know what can make that CBD even better? Getting it at a discount. Keep reading to see which CBD is best for St. Patrick’s Day, and how you can get it cheaper than normal.

Green Label Gives You More Green

In honor of everyone’s favorite Irish holiday, you can get any of our green-labeled CBD products for at a lucky discount. And there’s no better tonic to the typical St. Paddy’s activities than a dose of some healing and wholesome CBD.

Whether you drop some in your morning coffee (Irish or not) or round out a day of celebrating with a soothing tincture or treat, CBD will help ease the pain you may feel the next day.

Don’t partake in the common consumption ritual of this Irish American jubilee? CBD is still the perfect compliment to a pre-spring celebration.

Drop some in your tea, under your tongue, or as a little leprechaun treat to brighten your day as you look forward to warmer weather and longer days.

CBD at a Discount is a Sign of Good Luck

CBD is an essential component of a modern health regimen. And as with many maintenance and preventive wellness supplements, it can lean towards being expensive.

But on St. Patrick’s Day everyone is Irish as they say, and that means everyone is lucky. If you see a green label on our website you can take that as a sign that you’re going to save some green.

All green labels of Casco Bay Hemp CBD products, including:

  • Peppermint Tinctures (some are even available at a steeper discount than the rest, mind you… a whopping 50% off!)
  • Unflavored Pet Tinctures, in case your feline friend or pup needs a little extra luck too
  • Pet Chews, if they just need a treat to distract them from your corned beef and cabbage
  • Apple Gummies packed with apples and 20mg of CBD per gummy!
  • Herbal Essence Bath Bombs, to lift your spirits right out of the bath, and higher than the celebratory vibes of St. Paddy’s
  • Lavender + Lemongrass Cream, to keep your skin hydrated and healthy as you venture forth in the late winter chill

If it has a green label, it’s 25% off. Will the contents be green inside? Depends on what you get.

But who cares about that when you save green when you see green on the label? Head to our shop to hunt for green, and get the CBD you need, at a price that will make you feel like you found a pot of gold!

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