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Can you make a stocking stuffer the best gift not under the tree? The stocking stuffer, a classic holiday non-gift, is small, compact, and usually wildly disappointing.

They tend to be cheap, useless, or candy… which is fine, but it’s no tech gadget.

All of that is true, until now. With CBD stocking stuffers, you can wow the people on your list, while giving them something they can use long after Christmas day.

Keep reading to learn about two CBD stocking stuffers standbys, plus a third new stocking stuffer for this holiday season!

Vanilla CBD Salve

CBD salve is a versatile and highly effective product. It gives your skin the soothing refreshment that other CBD topical products provide, but it does more.

CBD salve is a blend of full spectrum CBD, organic sunflower seed oil, beeswax plus vanilla essential oils. These ingredients are what set it apart from other CBD topicals.

The combination of CBD oil, sunflower seed oil, and beeswax give it the superpower to pass through your skin and into your bloodstream. This blend of powerful lipids sinks into the deeper layers of your skin, where it comes into contact with the walls of your blood vessels.

Then, the CBD oil can cross that barrier and flow into your bloodstream. And when CBD gets into your bloodstream it gets carried all over your body.

That means when your lucky gift-getter rubs this 900 mg CBD salve into a sore spot, or anywhere on their skin, it goes deep. And then, it travels far and wide across their body.

Its wellness-inducing power flows deep and wide.

Combine the potency of the CBD salve itself with the relaxing benefits of vanilla and this salve is perfect for the stocking. It’ll help ease the aches and stiffness of winter while releasing the warming aroma of vanilla into the room.

CBD + Melatonin Sleep Tincture

If you’re going to hand out ache-reducing CBD salve on Christmas morning, you might as well give some deep sleep along with it. Our 900mg CBD + Melatonin Sleep & Restore Tincture is the perfect pairing to go with the pain-easing benefits of CBD salve.

It combines CBD with melatonin to create a tincture that helps you fall asleep, and then stay asleep all night long. The CBD gives you a nice dose of relaxation before bed.

Then, as the melatonin travels through your body, it triggers the shut-down-for-sleep-cycle that your brain needs to doze off. There are 1.5 milligrams of melatonin in each dose of this tincture.

But, if that’s too much melatonin, you can scale back the amount. The benefit of taking a tincture is that you can control how much melatonin and CBD you get using the graduated dropper.

Take a half a dose of the tincture – which is half a milliliter in the dropper – and you only get 0.75 milligrams of melatonin. Likewise, if you want more melatonin than that, you can increase the dose to get more.

Either way, you can get the right amount of melatonin for your body, right along with a healthy dose of CBD to help you get the deep sleep you need during the winter.

And that’s perfect to give as a gift, because you probably don’t know how much CBD or melatonin the person who’s stocking your stuffing likes to take!

But, if you know they don’t want much melatonin, and need a bit more CBD, you can help them up their CBD dose in the most festive of ways…

Introducing 900mg CBD Candy Cane Tincture

Everybody loves candy during the holidays, but all that sugar really is a guilty pleasure.Now you can enjoy the most notorious holiday candy, without it!

The new, and limited edition, 900mg CBD candy cane tincture erases any guilt you felt about handing out the flavors of a classic holiday candy.

It’s got all the best parts of a candy cane – the refreshing minty flavor – without the stuff that’s not so good. And, it’s blended with 900mg of CBD!

More goodness, and less junk. The perfect holiday mantra.

Give the gift of a chill Christmas morning with this festive treat. It will melt the holiday worries away like an icicle on a warm sunny day.

No matter what you give this holiday season, give the gift of natural relaxation. CBD is the perfect holiday treat and these CBD stocking stuffers make it easy for you to surprise the ones you love with stocking stuffers they’ll actually love!

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