The Best CBD Products For Father’s Day | Organic Maine CBD & CBG

Father’s Day is right around the corner. Have you even thought about it yet? Here’s a little help to kickstart your Father’s Day gift-giving ideas.

Keep reading to learn more about the best CBD products for Father’s Day (and CBG).

CBD Tincture

You can’t go wrong with our organic CBD Tincture. Taking CBD as an oil infused tincture gives Dad the most bioavailability of any CBD product and the ability to customize his dose.

Dad feeling a little more sore than usual? Tell him to take an extra milliliter of his tincture. Twice as much CBD will make a noticeable difference for him.

Hemp Flower

For some reason, giving Dad a cigar for Father’s Day is a thing to do. Well, ditch the tobacco and give Dad something a little more wholesome this Father’s Day with an eighth of hemp flower.

He can smoke it straight, or mix it in with anything else he might be putting a lighter to. We’ll let him decide what to do with it.

CBD Candy

What dad doesn’t like a sweet treat? Notorious for sneaking extra dessert when no one is looking, every dad will have a candy if he can get his hands on it.

These 10mg CBD Candies just also happen to be loaded with CBD, so you can give them to Dad and feel good about it. It’s the first dessert he’ll ever have that actually reduces inflammation in his body, and will help him sleep… the opposite of all those other sweet treats.

CBG + CBD Tincture

Dads love to be hip (in their own minds anyway), and what better way to make him feel cutting-edge this year than with the newest cannabinoid to take the market by storm…our made in MaineCBG Tincture.

Cannabigerol or CBG is similar to CBD in some ways, and different in others. It is anti inflammatory, reduces stress, and eases pain. But rather than being potentially drowsy like CBD, CBG provides a mild mental stimulation.

It’s not stimulating like caffeine, but rather provides a feeling of flow, relaxed productivity without any of the jitters and crash you experience with caffeine.

In this CBG + CBD tincture he gets a 3:1 CBG:CBD ratio. Both benefit you in their own way, and when combine amplify the benefits of each other.

CBG + CBD tincture is perfect to take in the mornings. It provides you with pain fighting, inflammation reducing cannabinoid power all day long. At the same time it keeps your mind focused and productive.

It’s the perfect way for your dad to start his days off. If he takes it in the morning when he wakes up he’ll feel on top of his game all day long, and won’t have any pain to speak of.

Looking for the perfect gift to give your dad this Father’s Day? Shop now and find the gift that’s right for your dad!

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