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One of the best things about CBD is that it works well with many other healthful substances.

Most of you likely know about the “entourage effect.”

That’s where CBD and other cannabinoids work in conjunction with each other to create a solution where the final result is greater than the sum of the parts.

Translation: When CBD and other cannabinoids, THC for instance, are used at the same time, they amplify each other’s effects beyond what the effect of using each cannabinoid separately would be.

But, did you know that CBD works beautifully with other compounds found in the natural world?

There may not be a noticeable “entourage effect” because cannabinoids have mainly been studied in the presence of each other. Science hasn’t gone beyond that.

As much as medical research needs to catch up with CBD, and other cannabinoids, in the presence of natural compounds found outside the hemp or cannabis plants, here’s a thought to chew on…

Does CBD Help Other Compounds Be More Effective?

CBD reduces inflammation, relaxes you, and eases your tension.

Inflammation, stress, and tension – which, generally speaking, can be seen as the same “issue” showing up in different systems of your body – all inhibit natural healing responses in human (and all mammalian) bodies.

So even if there isn’t a known “entourage effect,” you can see how CBD enhances the effectiveness of other health giving compounds.

Take for instance, bergamot; grapefruit; lavender; and lemongrass essential oils. All these healing, rejuvenating compounds are found in our new line of Maine Made CBD Creams (which pack a whopping 600mg of CBD per jar, I might add).

By themselves, they are great for a variety of ailments.

Bergamot and Grapefruit heal the skin, particularly if you have acne or other microbial afflictions.

Lavender, as most know, is relaxing and soothing. As is Lemongrass. Both are anti-inflammatory and also combat microbial attacks from fungi, bacteria, and viruses on your skin.

Pretty impressive stuff for essential oils standing guard on their lonesome.

But, when you add CBD into the equation, what do you think happens?

Does This Maine Made CBD Cream Enhance Your Results

If these oils were used on the skin, to treat the ailments they so wonderfully heal, they would likely be pretty effective. Despite the stress, inflammation, and tension in your body.

But, with CBD present, to further reduce inflammation and tension, your body can heal itself more independently.

Now, when you apply essential oils there is less resistance in your body blocking the healing process.

So, CBD isn’t necessarily amplifying the effectiveness of the essential oil compounds, in the same way it does with other cannabinoids (we’ll wait for medical science to make a determination on this sometime down the road).

But, it logically makes sense, that if CBD is there doing its job and reducing your inflammation, and the resistance to healing in your body, then, all the other compounds present in the cream have more room to work, and will heal your skin faster.

CBD clears the path so other compounds can come in and work double time.

CBD + other healing compounds means faster healing for your skin.

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