Attention UK Hemp Sellers: Novel Foods Approved Raw Materials And Finished Goods

Who do you get your CBD from?

What is your supplier doing to ensure that when Novel Food restrictions become more heavily enforced they can keep your supply of raw materials or finished products flowing to you?

Will your CBD remain compliant with the Novel Food regime in Europe?

If it won’t, or you don’t know whether it will be legal, or not, your time in the CBD business may be limited.

Advisors, industry experts, and the enforcement authorities themselves are recommending you get compliant as quickly as possible, otherwise the consequences could be dire for your business.

It’s best to comply now, so you don’t get shut down in the near future.

Find A Novel Food Compliant Supplier Before It Is Too Late

Casco Bay Hemp has now applied for a Novel Food license for all of Europe, including the UK.

This means that even as regulations shift and change across Europe, we will still be able to send CBD products across the pond.

Licenses are not being handed out for at least two years, but businesses who have applied for a license are allowed to continue exporting CBD into Europe.

Most small CBD businesses have not done this, and will not do this.

Are your suppliers compliant right now?

Will they remain compliant with the Novel Foods regime over the next few years?

Or, are they at risk of being denied access to doing business in Europe, and, consequently are you at risk of losing your supply of CBD materials and products?

You’d better check it out to avoid waking up one day to realize that you haven’t received any CBD in weeks because your products are now considered illegal in the eyes of European governments.

Form A Relationship With A Supplier Now Before The Government Starts Removing Products From Stores

It’s better to form a relationship with a Novel Food compliant supplier now, rather than wait to get shut down and have to find a new supplier after you have nothing to sell, and no income to support your business.

Especially in the UK, but all across Europe to certain degrees, governments are enforcing the Novel Food rules on CBD more and more.

In the UK, in fact, at the end of this month (March 2021) CBD that has not been approved (or, at least, the supplier has not applied for a license) will no longer be allowed in the country, and any unapproved products will be stripped off store shelves forever.

Who knows what the long term consequences will be.

It could be as simple as those products being removed and you having to find a new supplier for you CBD – which would likely take months of negotiation, research, and conversations.

Or, it could be as bad as you being barred from being in the CBD business across your country, or even Europe.

Only time will tell.

Every country is different, heck, every enforcement officer is different.

But it’s better to not leave the future of your business up to chance.

Why go through the hassle after you’ve been shut down, and risk losing your business as it gets stuck in the bureaucratic mud?

Make it easier on yourself by forming a relationship with an approved CBD supplier before you lose your products and maybe your company.

If you’re a European company, especially based in the UK, fill out the form on our Private Label CBD in the UK page and ensure you have a steady supply of CBD coming to you, even as your competitors get shut down for violating the new rules.

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