Skin’s Gettin’ Dry This time of Year, Huh? Soothe Yourself With Maine CBD Cream

Don’t google “painful dry cracked hands” if you don’t want to see what the average Mainer’s hands are looking like right about now…

… and will be for the next 6-8 months.

It ain’t a pretty sight.

But we suffer on, and so must you, as we endure the cold, but wonderful season of winter. Battling central heat and space heaters inside, numbing cold outside, and air dry enough to suck the moisture out of a sponge cake.

‘Tis part of life.

Or so you thought! Before this dandy of a product fell out of the ether and landed in your inbox.

Maine CBD Cream

It’s like Grandma’s home hand remedy, but on steroids.

And that steroid is CBD.

Note: CBD is NOT a steroid. The above is merely hyperbole to highlight how powerful this Maine CBD Cream is when it comes to relieving inflamed, dry, even cracking skin.

Not a Steroid, But Still Miraculous… CBD Cream

Despite the fact that this CBD Cream won’t make you look like Arnold, or hit home runs like Barry Bonds, it will…

  • Relieve your fiery dry skin
  • Settle skin inflammation (skinflammation?)
  • Close up those gaping gashes that appear overnight from the dry heat inside your house
  • Stop the bleeding (if your hands are like mine)
  • Soothe hands, elbows, knees, faces and any other parts of your body that battle the damning dryness of wintertime

Leave your skin supple, soft, and elastic (which is a good thing) all year long

If any of that sounds groovy to you then head over to the soothing link below and score some moisturizing Maine CBD Cream, before your hands fall off (or you wish they would) from the agony of dry, cracking skin.

Soothe yourself now.

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