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Are you looking to start your own CBD product line? Or, do you have an existing line you want to add to? Maybe you aren’t happy with your current supplier? No matter the circumstance its always worth a conversation.

Use the form below to tell us your needs. All of our customers are equally important to us, no matter how big or small. Unlike some of our “bigger competitors”, we need to consult with you. If you are looking for the cheapest and quickest option, we are not for you. If you are looking for a long term partner that provides a quality product with superior knowledge, customer service and fair pricing then please reach out. We appreciate you.

Question Private Label & White Label Services
AnswerWe are Fully Integrated Hemp Farmers & CBD Product Innovators who Put Customer Service & Reliability First. Our Company Ethos is providing you with the highest quality CBD on the market. First and foremost make sure your CBD supplier’s products mg/ml is ACTIVE CANNABINOIDS. Our extensive background in medical cannabis & Hemp affords us the ability to provide our clients with a product that works.

Introduce your customer’s to cannabinoids. Let them experience what a true full spectrum Phytocannabinoid-Rich (PCR) CBD oil is. Based in Maine, our line of holistic CBD products are extracted from farms throughout the U.S.practicing organic growing procedures. Our farmer partners have been working the land for generations, they know what quality in agriculture means. We work intimately with and provide our hemp farmers with everything they need to succeed including our amazing high CBD genetics and years of Hemp knowledge. Having experience in the medical cannabis industry, we know cannabinoids and their effects on our bodies.

All of Casco Bay Hemp’s productsare third party lab tested by an ISO certified lab for consistency and safety. We analyze each batch and provide results to our customers in full transparency. We test our hemp for cannabinoid content, terpene profiles, mold, pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, herbicides and residual solvents.

Over the last century humans have deprived their bodies of fundamental natural occurring cannabinoids. We have these compounds in our make-up within our own endocannabinoid systems. It’s time we all partner up to offer this wonderful plant and its compounds to the masses. We consider our private label hemp/CBD customers partners. We want to grow together and share in the success hemp can offer.


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Question Consulting Services (Farm and Business Development)
AnswerComing soon…
Question Wholesale Services
AnswerOffer your customers a trusted name in CBD products! If you are in the market to re-sell an existing CBD product line then look no further. We want to earn your business and help offer your customers the finest CBD products.

Here at Casco Bay Hemp we believe in people and products. We developed our CBD line in the hopes of helping people become more healthy. As a wholesale product partner rest assured you’re providing your valuable customers with CBD products you can be proud of. We will support your business needs as much as we can with sales collateral, continual CBD industry and product information and continual product advancement & research. We understand how important your business is to you, the more you succeed the more we succeed!

All of our CBD products start with organically grown hemp extracted down into the finest raw materials. Depending on the specific product we use full spectrum crude oil, pure CBD isolate and CBD distillate in the formulations. In some cases you have the ability of customizing the products we will be wholesaling to you. E.G. you can flavor a full spectrum tincture to your liking (vanilla, , or add a specific aroma to a salve).


  • Wholesale CBD Tinctures & Oils
  • Wholesale CBD for Pets
  • Wholesale CBD Capsules
  • Wholesale CBD Salve
  • …and much more!

If you would like to wholesale our ready made CBD line please fill out the form below and we will get back to you with options.


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Question Marketing Services
AnswerWho better to help market and sell your brand than the folks supplying you the product? Effective marketing is based on trust and knowledge. We provide both, after-all it’s our raw materials you’re using. Casco Bay Hemp will supply you with a quality product to fill your brands jars while making sure you maximize sales opportunities. If you sell more, we sell more. Our partners have years of experience in Cannabis, Hemp and marketing! We know cannabinoids, marijuana, Hemp and CBD. From seed to packaging, we got you! Talk to us about your brand, you will hear the passion and expertise.

We have over 30 combined years experience in digital marketing experience. The partners at Casco Bay Hemp have owned and sold marketing firms all while being deeply involved in the cannabis and hemp industries. From seed to extraction or design to development we’ve got you covered.

Becoming involved in our private label client’s marketing strategies was a natural evolution. The owners of Casco Bay have years of marketing experience, business to business and business to consumer. We’ve participated in the medical cannabis industry in varying degrees growing cannabis & hemp while marketing our own brands. We are now in this new venture with new clients… CBD private labeling. So why not help our clients market their hemp and CBD product lines? You will be getting the raw materials from us. We know exactly what goes into the entire process from seed to packaging. IF YOU SELL MORE WE SELL MORE!

We have a small team of digital marketing experts and traditional advertising brand ambassadors. We can help you from logo design to website development to sales support with CRM integration (Customer Relationship Management software). In today’s digital world your cannabis and hemp marketing strategies need to be anchored in digital. Stay in front of your customers like clockwork with marketing automation. Don’t know what that is? Just ask us. Well rounded campaigns combine an unforgettable brand with the highest quality product and in your face relentless automated marketing.

Years of experience in the medical cannabis marketing and growing industries afford us a deep knowledge in how to separate your company from others. Let’s be honest, the competition in the cannabis and CBD marketing game is still young. There are lot of inexperienced investors and “entrepreneurs” trying to capitalize on what they feel is a gold rush industry. We know better. We are applying our combined 20+ years in Business to Business marketing combined with 10+ years in cannabis and hemp farming and applying it to our clients. Join us, together we can grow together.

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