Load Your Carts with Crystal Resistant Distillate | Private Label CBD

You know when you’re puffing your vape and all the sudden it jams right up?

I know I hate that.

And I’m sure your customers do too (I could be one of them, ya never know).

Regardless, we’ve all experienced that sticky, thick resin at the end of our cartridges, which makes it damn near impossible to get a good drag.

Do you know what that thick, super resinous, residue actually is?

Crystals—Crystals of CBD Distillate

They clog vape carts so badly you can’t even get a nice satisfying pull. It’s disappointing at best. Infuriating at worst.

And infuriating your customers is not what you want to be doing. You want those CBD vapers to be nothing but chill.

Give ‘em what they want – effortless vaping – by loading your carts with our new Crystal Resistant CBD Distillate.

Our chemists have magicked another way to make consuming CBD more enjoyable, and thus less infuriating. By not crystallizing, and remaining fluid, our new distillate allows the user to get the maximum amount of enjoyment and benefit out of your vape cartridge.

And, it means, you can offer them a product that WILL NOT KILL THEM.

Rather than having to cut your vape distillate with sketchy, potentially deadly carrier oils (remember the Vitamin E scare of 2019?), this Crystal Resistant Distillate gives you the ability to add terpenes to get your titration.

You don’t have to add junk in just to get the distillate to flow. Now you can focus on hitting the proper potency without worrying about the viscosity.

Plus, adding terpenes to your carts has the added benefit of enhancing your entourage effect. This Crystal Resistant Distillate won’t clog, will keep your customers alive and well, and creates a more powerful entourage effect…

That’s a win-win-win.

Why do you need Crystal Resistant Distillate?

This crystal Resistant Distillate is exactly what you know you need, and exactly what your customers don’t know they need… yet.

Whether you’re looking to move into the CBD vape market, or you’re tired of customers complaining about their cartridges clogging and sticking so much they can’t get another pull off of it, Crystal Resistant Distillate is the future.

Send us a message asking about available quantities and pricing.

Availability is limited for now, so jump on this ideal new product before your competitors (who we also sell to) eat up the stash.

Email sales@cascobayhemp.com for more info!

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