CBD Patches (160mg)


CBD Patches are a great way to time release your dosing without thinking about it. They are applied to a relatively hairless part of your body and remain there all day (or all night… highly recommended). Natural supplements, including our favorite CBD, are infused directly into the fabric of the patch for hours of pain management, inflammation reduction, and general relaxation. By remaining in contact with your skin for 8 plus hours, the patch is able to continually release the healing properties of the infusions directly into your body. This extended contact, combined with the custom design of the patch, bypasses your skin and seeps directly into your bloodstream.

Maximum CBD Uptake

When you take CBD the ultimate benefit is passed to you when the CBD gets into your bloodstream. Your heart pumps your blood, and everything it is carrying, to every part of your body, with every beat. CBD patches get CBD directly into your bloodstream. No digestion. No filtration. Just CBD straight into your blood.

Straight CBD – The Maximum Benefit

CBD Patches give you the most bioavailability for the longest amount of time of any CBD product. Patches are time-released and stay on your skin for an entire day – 8-12 hours. For the entire time they release CBD directly into your bloodstream – the most potent way for CBD to get into your body. Straight CBD for a day straight. That’s the maximum benefit.

Weight 1 oz

Product Specs

  • 4 40mg THC-free CBD patches per unit
  • Patch size: 2 7⁄8” x 2 7⁄8”
  • All natural, non-GMO, hypoallergenic
  • Extended wear, up to 24 hours of relief
  • GMP and FDA facility certified

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