CBD & Menthol Patches (120mg)


It’s that same menthol koolness without the hacking cough later. It’s more like a nicotine patch, minus the overwhelming head rush, plus a soothing shot of CBD. Menthol is an analgesic. Not quite as powerful as cousin anesthetic, analgesics produce localized pain relief, without the numbing loss of feeling associated with anesthetics. But that’s okay. We ain’t pulling teeth here. We’re just giving you a consistent, steady drip of calming CBD accompanied by the mellowing cooling effects of menthol.

Full Body Care

CBD is CBD. You know all about that. Menthol is an analgesic. That means these patches contain a medical grade pain-reducer + CBD. Analgesics create partial loss of feeling (pain reduction). When this menthol gets into your blood, along with the CBD, they reduce pain all over the body.

Well Rounded Wellness

Menthol is an analgesic = pain-reducer. CBD is anti-inflammatory. When you wear this CBD + Menthol patch you’re pumping CBD and Menthol directly into your bloodstream for 8-12 hours straight. For 8-12 hours you’re reducing your pain – treating your symptom – and reducing your inflammation – treating your cause of symptoms. That’s well rounded wellness.

Weight 1 oz

Product Specs

  • 4 30mg THC-free 5% menthol CBD patches per unit
  • Patch size: 2 7⁄8” x 2 7⁄8”
  • All natural, certified non-GMO, hypoallergenic
  • Extended wear, up to 48 hours of relief
  • GMP and FDA facility certified

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