CBD, Menthol & Lidocaine Patches (120mg)


Introducing our new CBD with Menthol & Lidocaine Transdermal Patches. Lidocaine is an anesthetic. Menthol is an analgesic. For those of you, like me, who are not anesthesiologists here’s what that means:

  • An anesthetic produces complete loss of feeling (numbness) with or without complete loss of consciousness.
  • An analgesic provides pain relief without numbness (loss of feeling) or loss of consciousness.

Pain, meet your Coup De Grâce

CBD patches are great for getting CBD into your bloodstream. They’re specifically great for inflammation, stress, restlessness, and sleep problems. But this CBD Patch with Menthol and Lidocaine is the match that your pain has been waiting to meet. Loaded with 40mg of CBD plus the pain-reducing capabilities of Menthol and the pain-eliminating power of Lidocaine, your aches will melt away within minutes of sticking this patch onto your body. They are the final blow to do away with your pain once and for all.

Three Wellness Supplements Wrapped Into One…Wrapped to Your Skin

CBD is an exceptional wellness supplement. That’s why we sell it. Lidocaine is a potent anesthetic (pain reliever) that also has antiarrhythmic properties. Menthol is an impressive analgesic (pain reducer) that also reduces stress, settles stomachs, and heals skin ailments. All three of these compounds do pretty similar things in the body… they all maintain healthful balance. And now all three are contained in one convenient patch. You wear it all day (or night) for 8-12 hours and Menthol + Lidocaine + CBD get continuously pulled into your body.

Weight 1 oz

Product Specs

  • 3 40mg THC-free 3% lidocaine and menthol CBD patches per unit
  • Long duration of action (up to 8 hours)
  • GMP and FDA facility certified

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