Private Label CBD Salve—The Antidote For Winter Ailments

Let me tell you an embarrassing story.

I was out for a run the other night, it was cold. Real cold. Colder than it’s been all season, so far.

So not really that cold, but temperature is relative. I wasn’t used to it yet.

Anyways, as I was chugging along down the dark back street that I live on, heading back home, when suddenly I yanked my thigh.

Not pleasant.

The thigh is a pretty big muscle, and my entire left one seized, within 100 yards of home.

A bad way to end, what had been, a pretty good run.

Oh well, so much for that.

I crawled up to my second floor apartment, and laid on the floor in agony, wondering what I should do.

A shower sounded good.

I let the steaming hot water blast onto my leg as I sat on the floor in pain.

Then, I switched it to freezing cold, now that felt good.

As I stumbled out of the shower, a little jar on the vanity counter caught my eye…

A jar of CBD Salve

And not just any CBD Salve, Super Strong CBD Salve from work, at Casco Bay Hemp.

This stuff is powerful.

One single 2oz jar contains 900mg of CBD. That is one loaded jar.

I knew immediately that my troubles were over, or soon would be at the very least.

I jammed my fingers into the waxy salve and applied a generous dose directly to my thigh.

Now, some people say that CBD topicals are a placebo. If you put a topical directly onto a pain point, it’s no different than taking a tincture, edible, or vaping. The CBD flows into your bloodstream and gets spread to every inch of your body, equally. It doesn’t focus on the spot that is hurting, even if you rubbed it deeply into that spot, which I did.

They may be right.

But my experience makes me want to disagree. And so does my intuition about the human body.

I think our bodies are smarter than that.

Our Endocannabinoid Systems definitely are. That is the job of the ECS.

It knows, within your body, where there is inflammation, pain, stiffness, whatever. It sends cannabinoids and other anti-inflammatories to where they are needed most.

At least that is how I imagine my ECS working.

I’m sure some scientist out there is going to scream when he reads how I think the human body works.


Opportunity – Private Label CBD Salve For Sore Customers

The placebo effect is just as effective as actual meds.

And let me tell you, when I massaged that Super Strong CBD Salve into my quivering thigh, I felt relief.

Imagined or not, who knows and who cares.

The quivering stopped. The pain subsided. And the subsequent days have been much less painful and much more mobile than I was anticipating.

What does this embarrassing story about running in the cold have to do with you?

Well, you now have the opportunity to get that same Super Potent CBD Salve into the hands of your herd.

That’s right, Private Label CBD Salve is now available, and just in time for the holidays, when people are going to need some wicked strong CBD to put up with family, shopping, hangovers, and the ill-timed fun run, much like my jog in the cold the other night.

Not to mention this Salve is super moisturizing – perfect for cracked, dry hands, lips, or any other kind of skin.

It’s the perfect antidote for cold weather ailments like sore muscles and dry skin. Plus it’s available in lavender, vanilla, unscented, or custom scents.

Get your own Private Label CBD Salve by emailing and telling us you want to order some.

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