Private Label CBD Bath Bombs Let You Get Into The Tub With Your Customers

Let’s face the cold hard truth.

It’s been a tense year. A pandemic, social unrest, and now a heated political season, despite the fact that days are steadily moving into chillier and chillier temps.

People are stressed.

You customers are stressed.

Right now, they’re feeling…






And more.

They Need Your Private Label CBD Bath Bombs

Nobody wants to feel like that, and nobody wants to see anybody else feel like that, especially when they’re your faithful herd. You want your people to be comfortable and content, well taken care of, no matter the season or political climate.

Which is why you offer CBD products to your faithful fans.

CBD is relaxing, stress-relieving, and wellness inducing.

Too bad it doesn’t warm people up. It would be doubly effective if somehow it could ease people’s aches, pains, and worries away through the Endocannabinoid System and cozy warmth.

But wait, what’s that?

Private Label CBD Bath Bombs?

Now we’re talking.

This is what you people need!

More CBD getting into their bodies more ways, and a warm relaxing bath to bolster the relaxation CBD already creates.

In our minds, any excuse to get in a bath is a good one. It’s one of our favorite past times.

And, not that we need another reason to hop in a steaming bath, but these 100mg Private Label CBD Bath Bombs provide just that.

Yet another reason to sink deeply into a bath while floating away into worry free wonders of relaxation.

Most CBD Bath Bombs on the market are jammed with 50mg of CBD per bomb.

That’s pretty good.

50mg will go a long way to helping your customers unwind.

But 100mg? That’s going above and beyond.

It’s a miracle that our chemists can stuff so much CBD into one single bomb, but they figured out how to do it.

Super Strong CBD Bath Bombs For Your Herd

And now the benefit gets passed on to your customers.

You can offer them more relaxation, less stress, and just another reason to take a bath, or move somewhere with a claw foot tub.

Get your brand on our super strong 100mg Private Label CBD Bath Bombs.

Your stress-free, warm customers will know who to thank.

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