Podcast: Stache It or Pass it with Eben Sumner

This week we sit down with special guest Eben Sumner! Eben is a craft cannabis cultivator and now international business man. The CEO & Founder of 1780 Maine and international hemp business Casco Bay Hemp! He is also the co-founder of the Maine Growers Alliance and a leading participant in Seed 2 Health. He is life long cannabis advocate and pioneer. We cover a wide variety of tops from industry trends, cannabis legislation, international hemp sales, and how Eben is working to bring cannabis the medicine to healthcare and building a platform of data called Seed 2 Health!

Maine cultivates some of the best cannabis in the world and we are so grateful we got to spend some time with Eben, you do not want to miss this!

Keep up with Eben on Instagram: @1780Maine @cascobayhemp @mainegrowersalliance