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Health and wellness can be an investment, there’s no question about that. The cost of doing the right things for you and your body can add up quickly.

But when the opportunity to knock some of those costs down, it’s an opportunity worth jumping at. And that’s what you have right now.

An opportunity to do the right thing for your body, and save some money doing it. Keep reading to see which CBD prices are melting faster than winter.

Winter is Ending Soon, Stock up on Peppermint CBD

Peppermint can be the perfect winter treat. It mimics the icy weather outside as it soothes and cools your throat when you drink it in tea or hot chocolate.

It isn’t a flavor reminiscent of warm spring days that quickly warm into summer. It’s best to leave the peppermint for the cold months of the year. Who wants to think about January in June?

That’s why you should get some peppermint CBD in your hands before the seasons leave it behind (until next year). There’s still cold weather left for this year, at least in Maine.

And that means there is still some need for peppermint CBD, but not much. And that’s why we want to make it as easy as possible for you to take this seasonal CBD concoction.

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That’s right! You can get the best winter CBD flavor for half off right now (300mg and 1800mg only). You wouldn‘t want this winter wonderland tincture to go to waste, and now is still a great time to take it along with the weather – it’s 12 degrees outside right now.

But all that is going to change real soon. Spring is around the corner, and more fitting ways to take CBD will come along with it.

So, take advantage of some CBD on the cheap, and ride out the last weeks of frigid cold and dark days with the perfect winter CBD product.

Which is the Right Dose of CBD For You?

The amount of CBD you need to take is specific to you. There’s no one-size-fits-all solution.

Fortunately, two varieties, and ends of the CBD dose range are on sale right now. 300mg and 1800mg peppermint CBD tincture is yours for the taking, at half price!

But these tasty (and healthy) winter treats are only available while supplies last. And based on last count the supplies aren’t going to last all that long.

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