Cannabis bucked from the CARES Act.

It is very surprising that Maine Senators Susan Collins and Angus King have not pushed harder to help rescue Maine’s cannabis industry. Especially since it is Maine’s 3rd largest revenue.

“In 2019 Mainers bought more than $111.6 million of legal marijuana. That’s more than blueberries, maple syrup, apples, elvers, herring, and oysters combined according to the Portland Press Herald.
Maine only began tracking caregiver tax revenue in February 2019. Which leaves January’s numbers uncalculated in the tally.”

Nancy Pelosi, along with other Democratic Senators are pushing for the passage of the much needed SAFE Banking Act that has been hung up by Senate since the House passed last year, as well as funding through SBA in the next round of bailouts.

Let’s hope that our leaders are listening to us, are able to put their personal bias aside, and help keep this burgeoning industry alive and well.

Pelosi Wants Marijuana Banking Access Included In Next Coronavirus Relief Bill, Congressman Says

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