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Along came a question recently from a loyal CBD connoisseumer…

“What does CBD soap feel like?”

Here’s the grime busting truth about it. If you pulled back the shower curtain on me, or anyone from Casco Bay Hemp, this is what you’d see: Pure bathroom bliss.

The magic ingredient?

Our CBD soap.

It doesn’t matter which variety either. Could be our plain, unscented soap, for a pure CBD cleansing experience. Or, it could be, our Vanilla, Oak and Charcoal bar scrubbing the dirty accumulations of the day from my skin.

CBD soap is just the best. Ever seen When Harry Met Sally? Put it this way, you want what I’m having.

It feels damn good to hop in a hot steaming shower after a long day on the job, or just the right way to get going for the day ahead. And, we also know that it feels downright fantastic to put some CBD on your body, or in your body.

Now imagine, two of the most relaxing, soothing activities of the day…combined.

CBD relieves irritation and inflammation while you’re releasing your skin of the burdensome layer of dirt, sweat, and grime that may have grabbed onto you during the day.

CBD Soap Made in Maine is Pure Magic

It’s just magic. Let me say that again, MAGIC.

I can’t imagine a better combination. Getting clean and showing your skin some love with the soothing properties of CBD.

If you’re interested in making your showers feel like a day at the spa, every day, then it’s time to grab a few bars of CBD soap and be more clean and relaxed than you ever have been after a long day of doing your thing.

The question is, why are you not already doing this?

Go to the hot steamy link below to enhance every aspect of your outer cleansing routine. Pretty soon you won’t have to watch me shower to experience the bliss of CBD soap, it’ll be sitting right in your hand.

The only thing better than a CBD soap shower is a CBD soap shower followed by a hot, steamy CBD bath. After you’ve scrubbed the days woes off your skin, close the drain and sit right down while one of our CBD bath bombs whizzes around. As it dissolves and releases even more CBD to soak deep into your body, it’ll send you to the relaxation-station-destination known as “Dreamy Bliss Land.” Get one (or a few) here.

Our CBD Soaps are hand crafted in Maine and available in unscented or Vanilla Oak & Charcoal.

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