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Partisan Politics Affecting Business and Financial Security; SAFE Banking Act

The US Senate can’t agree on fair banking policies for the cannabis industry. The SAFE Banking Act would allow for cannabis companies and banks to work together without the threat of federal prosecution. It is one reason why the US Senate won’t pass a new COVID-19 relief package—the HEROES Act.

All businesses, so long as they are legal, legitimate businesses, should be afforded the same rights. If Congress determines there is a need for a financial relief package they should pass the bill. Partisanship is denying the cannabis industry access to the American banking system. Because of that, American citizens are being denied access to financial relief.

As of right now, the booming cannabis industry and the financial security of American citizens are pawns in the partisan games of the Senate. If you’re interested in supporting a job-creating, tax revenue-generating business that Congress refuses to acknowledge go to

To find and write to your representative in support of small local businesses, use this link.

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