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Winter is coming here in Maine.

I know it’s a bit early to say that (it is still summer after all) but the seasons are definitely turning and fall leads quickly into winter up here. Luckily, it’s still nice enough to enjoy the outdoors (in shorts and everything!). I did just that a few days ago and learned a little bit more about CBD from a flying friend.

It was pretty early in the morning, maybe 6:30AM. The sun was just coming up and the morning mist was still hanging low over the fields I was walking in. Occasionally, when I’m out walking in the mornings, I like to do a little backward walking. It’s a good thing I decided to turn around on this particular morning. Not more than 10 seconds after I did an about face a massive hawk flew out of a leaning tree to my right. It wasn’t more than 20 feet in front of me. This bird was huge and it had a powerful presence on this misty morning.

Usually, hawks and other raptors are very graceful in the sky and this one was no different. That is until he reached the trees on the opposite side of the field. Then, all of a sudden my hawk friend lost control and almost collided with a branch. A close call for my morning pal no doubt, and something I had never seen before. It reminded me of something I feel inside myself from time to time. A sense of being off-center. A feeling that something is askew inside making me feel like I have a lean or tilt all day long.

When I feel off balance I reach for a tincture of CBD Oil to straighten myself out.

As I watched my hawk float smoothly past the tree he so narrowly avoided, my wacky morning imagination pictured him squirting a little CBD oil under his tongue, just in time to find balance and correct his course to avoid the danger. I’ve induced balance with CBD Oil for myself many times.

Shop now and explore our numerous CBD Oil varieties and see for yourself how a few drops, when you’re feeling a bit off, can restore the internal balance that is vital to soaring smoothly through your days, like a hawk.

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