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And just like that the clock strikes midnight and the calendar rolls over in 2021 for the last time.

Welcome to 2022!

Let’s see what’s going to happen this year…

No matter what goes on in the outside world, there’s one thing for sure, you have the power to make this your best year ever. And with so much turmoil around the world, what better time to grab the reins of your life than now?

Keep reading to see how incorporating CBD into your New Year routines can make 2022 a supreme year.

Now is the Time to Get Healthy

The beginning of January, no matter the year, is always a time to reset and recalibrate your daily habits. It’s no secret that this time of year is when everyone is going to “get back in shape.”

Unfortunately, most people don’t follow through. Ask anyone who spends time at the gym… it’s packed in January and just as empty in February as it was in December.

There’s lots of excitement to get healthy following the New Year. That quickly fizzles within a couple months.


Who knows? But one likely reason is that jumping back into working out hardcore after months or years of doing nothing, makes you sore and injury prone.

Don’t be one of those people who needs to cancel your new gym membership in February, because you went too hard in January. Use CBD Muscle Rub to keep yourself in the game longer than everyone else.

It contains a powerful combination of CBD, lidocaine, and menthol. These compounds are all anti-inflammatory. Lidocaine and menthol are analgesics and anesthetics.

That means when you roll this rub it onto your skin you’re hitting your muscles and joints with a slew of compounds that relieve pain, reduce inflammation, and eliminate soreness quickly.

Roll some on right when you leave the gym or wrap up a workout and prepare to get after it again tomorrow. The CBD, lidocaine, and menthol will wash away the aches and pains of a hard day’s work.

De-Stress, For Your Health!

Want to give yourself a healing boost at the end of a long, cold winter day? On top of massaging yourself with CBD Muscle Rub, throw some CBD tincture in your mouth before bed for a CBD cherry on top of your day.

The OG CBD product will help you ease into sleep, and it’ll work hand-in-hand with your muscle rub to ease away the pain of your day.

Adding CBD tincture to your nighttime routine helps you leave your stresses behind as you slide into bed and float off to sleep. And, it’ll help you stay asleep all night long, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to tackle another day.

Need a little extra help falling asleep? Use CBD + Melatonin tincture instead.

The melatonin will help your mind wind down so you can drift off to sleep easier and faster than usual. Then, the CBD can work its magic overnight, lowering your inflammation, eliminating soreness, and giving you a quality night of shut eye.

It’s the New Year and it’s your chance to chart a new course for yourself. But you don’t have to go it alone!

With the proper CBD products you can have a partner in improvement everyday of the year. If you use the right CBD, at the right time, to support your 2022 goals, you very well could look back on 2022 this time next year and be shocked at how far you’ve come!

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