New EU THC Limits Mean Better CBD Business For Everyone

If you’re a seller of CBD anywhere in the European Union this is a huge deal for you.

How To Benefit From Recent EU Law Changes

The European Union recently increased the limit of THC allowed in CBD products from 0.2% to 0.3%.


In terms of THC in the actual CBD products, yes. It’s an insignificant change to an already insignificant amount of THC allowed in CBD products.

Ground breaking?


You have likely had trouble sourcing CBD due to the limitations.

The United States produces the most industrial hemp used for CBD products in the world. And, until recently, the laws of your continental union denied you access to this robust market.

American growers are allowed up to 0.3% THC in their industrial hemp (the same limit that you now abide by). Therefore, the farmers over here have put little to no effort into getting their hemp down to the previous EU limit of 0.2%.

Effectively, the old laws of the EU shut you, the CBD entrepreneurs of Europe, out of the richest most abundant, CBD industry in the world.

That’s all over now.

By the stroke of a few pens you can now do business (without worry) with American hemp farmers.

The implications for you are huge.

There is no more concern that you are getting a product that breaks your continent’s laws.

The Best CBD Products in the World Are Now Available to You – European CBD Sellers

You now have access to the vibrant CBD market that America has become.

Sourcing legal hemp or CBD products just became infinitely easier.

And cheaper.

Since you now have access to the same CBD products we sell here you no longer need to pay for the expensive remediation process to lower the amount of THC in the products you are receiving.

PLUS, levels of the other cannabinoids in your products will go up as well. THC has always been your limiting cannabinoid, and the lower the THC the lower the concentrations of other, equally important, cannabinoids.

Now that the amount of THC has risen, so will the concentrations of other cannabinoids.

You can now get more potent products, for less money, with much less hassle

It took the EU too long to get to this point. They made it too difficult for you for too long.

But, they’ve finally come around, and what seems like an insignificant change in the fine print makes a very meaningful difference for you, your business, and the ease at which you can source products, import them, and get new offerings onto your shelves and websites.

You can find an entire catalog of “now-legal-in-the-EU” products right here [LINK]. Peruse at your leisure and when you’re ready to add a new product to your lineup (or start a new business from scratch) we will gladly help you every step of the way.

Welcome to the future of CBD. It’s great to have you. Learn more about our Private Label CBD and EU shipping options by clicking the button below.

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