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CBD gummies made with pure wild Maine blueberry extract rolled in dehydrated blueberry skins, NOT sugar.

We’ve been scrambling to come up with new gummy flavors, but we can hardly keep up with demand for the flagship blueberry! We don’t like to brag, but this gummy is freakin’ amazing, CBD or no CBD this is the best gummy you’ll ever have. We offer other flavors, but nothing compares to the signature wild Maine blueberry.

To avoid sticking together, all of our gummies are rolled in a dehydrated form (flour or skins) of the starting product, something no one else on the market can claim. Most, if not all, other CBD gummy manufacturers are coating their product in sugar or some other “un-natural” compound. When you eat this gummy, you’ll swear you just ate an actual blueberry.

We do NOT add extra sugar to our gummies and they are not sprayed with CBD. 99% + pure isolate is baked into the gummies and they are then cured. There is no bitter taste and the consistency is spot on. Our local Maine manufacture has over 30 years in the commercial food industry specializing in product development. There is no other CBD gummy on the market like this.

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