Minty Menthol Transdermal White Label CBD Patches

The kool kids don’t smoke cigarettes anymore.

But that doesn’t mean they’ve left the minty freshness of menthol behind.

Every non-cigarette smoker I’ve ever known, if drunk and smoking cigarettes, chooses menthol.


Probably because it makes the harsh, hot smoke of a butt, feel soothing and cool in their pink lungs.

But nowadays, with the technology available to modern man, and consequently your white label CBD brand, the non-smokers and the smokers in your crowd can get that same cooling relief… without inhaling burning ash.

Introducing White Label Transdermal CBD Patches With Menthol

It’s that same menthol koolness without the hacking cough later. It’s more like a nicotine patch, minus the overwhelming head rush, plus a soothing shot of CBD.

Menthol is an analgesic. Not quite as powerful as cousin anesthetic, analgesics produce localized pain relief, without the numbing loss of feeling associated with anesthetics.

But that’s okay. We ain’t pulling teeth here. We’re just giving your customers a consistent, steady drip of calming CBD accompanied by the mellowing cooling effects of menthol.

Sounds pretty cool to me.

These patches stay on for 8 hours and provide regular doses of menthol + CBD for the duration.

(Some companies recommend wearing patches for up to 4 days. This observer’s eyebrows are raised.)

White Label Transdermal CBD Patches To Keep You Calm, Cool, and Collected

Perfect to handle the strains and stresses of everyday life.

Even more perfect to slap on before bed to let the soothing combination of minty menthol and CBD work their magic, while the wearer counts his sheep.

We’ve got em here for you and yours. Stock up on these bad boys now and we’ll know to keep more around for you in the future.

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