Is CBD Legal in Maine? | Shop Organic Maine CBD by Casco Bay Hemp

Do bears poop?

I don’t know about where you come from, but in the 207 they sure do.

Same as CBD sure is legal up heya.

Medical Marijuana Maineiacs since 1999.

Maine legalized medical marijuana in 1999.

That meant all pieces of the Cannabis plant could be explored and used. At least by medical patients and the caregivers studying the plant and offering it to their patients as medicine.

Then, in 2009, the state of Maine legalized large scale industrial hemp production. Since industrial hemp contains the same cannabinoids as Cannabis, but with much lower levels of THC, this was perfect for us CBD purveyors. And, anyone looking to harken back to the days of hemp parchment.

Industrial hemp is where a huge majority of CBD is derived from now.

Since CBD comes from plants containing less than .3% THC, it is no longer regulated the same way as medical marijuana or adult use recreational marijuana.

Although, the DEA would love to get their greedy hands back on the CBD industry.

The Drug Enforcement Agency regulating and criminalizing legal non-drug industries? Such a thing would never happen in America, right…?

Government overreach and hyper regulation aside…

CBD products are available in all different varieties and in all different types of stores around the state.

And don’t worry, Drug Enforcement Daddy will leave you alone… it’s only us hard-working, tax-paying hemp processors he’s after. Your CBD gummies and CBD vapes are peachy-keen in the eyes of the almighty drug overlords (the DEA) who do the bidding of the pharmaceutical companies.

The best part about this CBD stuff (from the consumers POV) is that it’s totally legal for anyone to buy, so long as you’re 21. Which means, you can drink all night and nurse your hangover with a little or a lot of CBD all day.

No med card required.

No caregiver needed.

Just pop over to the localist head shop you can find (and it’s Maine so they’re everywhere) and enjoy the feeding frenzy that CBD shopping in our lovely state has become.

(Make sure that whoever you buy your CBD from can provide 3rd party lab analysis of their products. You can find ours here.)

If you’d rather stay on the couch instead of fighting the throngs of dudes from “away” who thought CBD shops were THC dispensaries then shop here to grab anything from our vast library of CBD delectables.

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