Is CBD Legal in Maine? | Retail, Wholesale & Private/White Label CBD Services in Maine

Short answer: yes, both hemp derived and cannabis derived CBD or cannabidiol are legal in Maine.

CBD Laws in Maine History

The basics of CBD in Maine history is outlined below:

  • In 1999, Maine passed its first law relating to cannabis by giving patients a legal right to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes.
  • In 2009 under LD1159, hemp cultivation in Maine was legalized on an industrial scale.
  • When cannabis was deemed recreational on the 2016 ballot under the Marijuana Legalization Act, the state was put under a temporary recreational cannabis prohibition that lasted until fall of 2020. However, CBD sales and possession of CBD oil and other CBD products remained legal.

Is CBD Legal Federally?

Yes, CBD is legal federally. Maine complies with the federal definition of legal hemp, being that THC levels in CBD must remain below .3%. According to the federal law, any hemp or CBD cultivated, manufactured, or sold must be licensed with the Department of Agriculture, Conservation, and Forestry (DACF). Additionally, foods and food products containing hemp or CBD can only be marketed and sold for purposes non-pharmaceutical with no therapeutic claims.

There are no possession limits in place for CBD products, so you can own and use as much as you’d like.

What is CBD?

CBD is a prominent cannabinoid found in cannabis that has relaxing but non-intoxicating effects—in other words, CBD does not get you high the way smoking cannabis would. CBD can be sourced from both cannabis and hemp plants and extracted into oils or isolate powders that can be used in a range of products from topicals to edibles for therapeutic purposes.

What are some benefits of CBD?

Researchers have identified several beneficial effects linked to CBD including anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, and anti-seizure properties. Thus, CBD products have been used to improve conditions such as anxiety, depression, pain, mood disorders, and seizure disorders.

Where to buy CBD in Maine

CBD products can be purchased almost anywhere from gas stations to retail stores. Casco Bay Hemp retails Maine crafted products ranging from CBD Oil Tinctures to CBD products for pets to CBD creams and bath bombs all on our online store. Casco Bay Hemp also wholesales products to licensed resellers throughout Maine and the United States—we even list all wholesale partners on map view on our store locator page.

At Casco Bay Hemp, we hold our product to high standards and list all lab test results on our COA page for the public to view. You might even have a QR code on your product that will lead you directly to that link!

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