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Pet owners have finally come around to giving their household pets CBD. And most people are raving about the positive effects it seems to have.

But is CBD actually good for animals? Why does it seemingly work so well? And should old dogs take CBD or is that a mistake?

Keep reading to see why CBD is good for old dogs!

Why is CBD Good For Animals?

CBD is just as healthy for animals as it is for humans. That’s because of the system in your body that receives CBD and other cannabinoids when you ingest them.

It’s called the Endocannabinoid system or ECS and humans aren’t the only animals that have an ECS. All vertebrates on planet Earth have this impressive system, and thus CBD and other cannabinoids can benefit all of them.

The ECS is present in just about every cell in your body, and it’s the same in your dog. Even if they’re getting old and stiff. It really doesn’t matter if you’re talking about a dog or a human because CBD has the same effects.

How Does CBD Work For Dogs?

When it comes to your dog, this is how it works. You give it to them with their food or as a treat, they munch it down and it gets into their bloodstream.

As their heart pumps, the CBD gets rapidly spread to every cell in their body. Those cells all contain cannabinoid receptors as part of the ECS and readily absorb the CBD into the cell.

As the CBD stimulates the ECS, it kicks your pups body’s natural healing system into overdrive and their body flushes out pain-causing inflammation to make them feel more comfortable.

This is how CBD and the ECS work in humans as well but for some reason the positive effects are very apparent in dogs (and other animals, too). If your dog is stiff and sore and has trouble standing up or running, the effects become noticeable within days.

Usually after a couple doses they revert back to how they used to be. Full of energy, getting up and down off the ground constantly and with ease, and acting like they’re years younger than they are.

CBD has the same effect in humans, but it’s so much more noticeable in dogs. Maybe they’re more willing to act like the animal they are when their body feels good. Who knows?

The only way to truly understand how powerful CBD can be for a dog is to see it for yourself. If you have an old dog (or any other vertebrate pet) at home and they seem to have lost a step or two over the years, try giving them CBD.

In all likelihood, the difference it makes will be stunning. Go to our CBD for Pets category page and pick a product or two to try. And let us know if it makes a positive impact!

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