Investing in Oil is…good? The Best CBD Oil For You & 2020

If you’re investing in the right kind of oil of course.

The best CBD oil is what you need

The value of oil is plummeting. The Oil market has bottomed out. I even read one news headline recently that said something like 35% of all oil industry jobs could be lost in the next few years.


I do feel badly for those folks who may end up losing their jobs. I hope the corporations they’ve given their working lives to are generous enough to retrain them for a job in another field.

What do you think?

2020 has been a crazy year. You don’t need to be told that. The world as we knew it is a mere memory now.

And, while I think it’s about time for the oil industry to collapse (ExxonMobil was recently valued lower than a solar panel/renewable energy company!), it still is a dramatic sign of the times.

Volatile, tumultuous times, to say the least.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to give yourself a dose of calm, centeredness in the midst of 2020?

Well there is.

And it happens to be a type of oil, although different than the ExxonMobil variety, (which probably isn’t even giving their board of directors a calm, centered feeling right about now).

The Best Oil is The Best CBD Oil

Welcome to the stage, a type of oil that is good for you, and the planet incidentally, all in one fell swoop.

Oil is the simplest, and quickest way to get self-soothing, calm-in-the-middle-of-the-storm, blissful CBD into your body.

There are myriad ways to consume CBD nowadays. You can eat it, rub it all over ya body, spray it on your hair, wear it on your skin, and who knows what else is out there.

Still, CBD Oil is still the best way to consume CBD. It is the most tried and the most true method of CBD consumption.

Drop it in your coffee, drip it in your tea, blend it in a smoothie, mix it in your green goddess dressing, and drizzle it all over your salad, or simply drop it under your tongue and let it absorb directly into your bloodstream (the most recommended).

Doesn’t matter how you do it, just get it into your body and let the wonderful CBD suspended in that convenient little vile work it’s magic for you.

Be The Calm in The Storm

All the sudden you’ll be feeling more calm, smoother, and more loved, because ya know, you show yourself a little extra love with every drop you drip (do read the recommended dose though).

Go stock up on soothing, centering CBD and buy the right kind of oil, the best CBD Oil on the World Wide Web, CBD Oil from Casco Bay Hemp.

You’re going to need it, who knows what the next few months are going to bring.

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