How To Treat Pets with CBD Around the Holidays | Organic Maine CBD

Your animals are your best friends.

They’re there to comfort you when you need it, to play, and to make you smile.

Cats, dogs, and other house pets are your emotional support system, no matter what.



Fido and Fluffy have their own emotions too, don’t you know.

They feel sad, lonely, scared, and stressed… especially during the holidays, just like the rest of us.

Yet, most people act as if their pets are untouched by any negative emotion. It is a commonly held belief that they are perpetual bundles of joy who are there for you to dump your negative emotions on.

STOP treating your furry friends like emotional punching bags.

It’s not fair. They need some nurturing too.

CBD For Pets – The Stress Antidote

Did you know that all vertebrates on planet Earth have Endocannabinoid Systems?

This means that, like you, your pets are able to absorb and respond positively to CBD supplementation.

So, all the reasons you take CBD can be the same reasons you give your pets CBD, too.

Feeling stressed? Take some CBD, it’s great for relaxation.

And, if you’re feeling stressed, it’s likely that Mittens and Old Yeller in the corner are feeling your stress.

Or, they’re stressed for the same reasons you are.

No matter how you put it, the four legged creatures in your life respond to the same forces in the world that you do.

They just don’t have the capacity to talk about like you, or reach into the freezer for that tub of chocolate ice cream, like you(?).

Since the animals you have running around your house are able to receive CBD, feel it’s positive benefits, AND are responding to all the same stimuli that you are, why would you not give them CBD?

You Aren’t Giving Your Pets CBD? Why Are You Being So Cruel?

Don’t deny your favorite creatures on planet Earth, the relaxation, and wellness benefits of CBD.

You treat yourself well and they treat you better than anyone else.

Show them the same love you show yourself, and let them know that you care about them as much as they care about you, and the food you give them every day.

Get CBD for your pets before the stress or arthritis kills them.

It’s the right thing to do. Find the right CBD for your four-legged friends. There are doses for feline through equine sized animals and everything in between.

Show them you care.

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