How To Know If Your CBD Is Working

Here’s a story for you. A story that illuminates the importance of knowing the quality of your CBD and where it comes from.

I was working in our office last week, answering the phones, doing emails, shipping orders etc.

Last Thursday morning a call came in from a nice older woman (81 years old according to her).

She was looking for our store front so she could come in and shop from our shelves, and talk to me directly about our various products, and her particular needs.

Unfortunately, we don’t have a store.

We do have an office that, under normal circumstances, we would happily allow someone to come into to talk to us and grab some products right off the shelf.

But, due to Covid, we’ve decided to avoid having any guests in our office.

I had to break the news to our caller. She was disappointed but understood.

I continued to try and help her, explaining how we could discuss her needs over the phone, and then she could purchase online.

She admitted that the online ordering is a bit beyond her, and she couldn’t make it work.

That’s understandable too.

We hung up, and she went on to find a store front that she could buy CBD from.

Do You Know The Important Information About Your CBD?

But, before she hung up, she said something that was very telling, and highlighted something that everybody has to be careful about when they buy CBD.

Two things actually:

This woman had taken CBD before and said it didn’t work for her. That happens sometimes, but it points out a very important fact – you have to be sure that you’re getting your CBD from a reputable source. This woman couldn’t remember where she bought the last bottle of CBD tincture she had, but I would bet that it was not from a quality source.
She couldn’t remember the strength of the CBD she had taken, that she felt didn’t work. Remember, everyone is different and a dose that works for one person will not come close to having any effect for another. Listen to your body and continue to use higher and higher doses until you get the effect you want. Then, taper it back down to find your Minimum Effective Dose.

When it comes to buying CBD quality and strength are the two most important factors.

Are You Taking High-Quality CBD Tincture?

If you aren’t using Organic CBD Tincture, then chances are you’re taking an inferior product that has no quality standards, and is sold by people who would rather make a buck than make you feel better.

If your CBD products don’t have a Certificate of Analysis (COA = lab test results) available, then don’t buy that product.

And, equally as important, when taking CBD you have to pay attention to the strength you are using.

Assuming it is a quality product, it is up to you to find the strength that is right for you.

CBD “works” no matter what. Is it a high enough dose to give you the noticeable benefit you’re looking for?

Only you can tell.

I wish I would have been able to let this older woman into the office so we could have chatted about these important points face to face.

Alas, I could not.

That’s the nature of reality right now.

Organic CBD Tincture – The Only CBD Tincture You Should Use

But our conversation reminded me that the basics of taking CBD are some of the most important factors when it comes to experiencing the positive benefits of Cannabidiol.

Know the strength you’re taking so you can make informed decisions, and adjust your dosage correctly.

Only buy Organic CBD Tincture, that has COAs available, otherwise you could be taking unnecessary risks when using CBD.

To get some high-quality, Organic CBD Tincture, that has been lab tested for purity and quality, check out Casco Bay Hemp’s organic CBD Oil Tinctures and find the strength (and flavor) that is right for you.

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