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The CBD market continues to expand nationwide in various ways.

For instance, according to Statista, the CBD oil food and beverage market will be worth $2.65 billion by 2025. That’s because CBD blends easily with many meals and only minimally affects its taste. On that note, here’s a simple guide to cooking with this oil in your everyday life.

Dosing Your Food Properly

Before cooking with CBD, you must know the proper dosage levels to avoid affecting your food’s taste and consistency. We suggest adding it sparingly to your food, usually at no more than one or two drops. That level should give you more than enough CBD without affecting food quality.

If you want more potency for your oil, don’t add more but increase the potency. For example, you can find a 1,800mg tincture that provides more effective results without increasing the oil amount. Experiment with different concentrations to find the best option for your needs.

Adding the Oil Properly

People cooking with CBD oil for the first time may make several simple mistakes. For example, you may place the oil on direct heat or cook above 365 degrees Fahrenheit. Unfortunately, cooking with CBD this way breaks down its beneficial cannabinoids and decreases its effects.

Instead, you must add CBD to the food after removing it from heat and allowing it to cool down. Doing so minimizes potency loss. If baking with CBD, mix it with the dough and cook at no more than 350 degrees Fahrenheit. That should make your CBD food as potent as possible.

Using CBD in No-Heat Recipes

Many people mix CBD into dressings, dips, and other no-heat recipes. For example, you can mix lemon, garlic, and CBD in a container for a healthy salad dressing. You can add it to guacamole, salsa, chip dip, hummus, and other simple foods for a healthy eating option.

Furthermore, you can mix CBD with your coffee, teas, sodas, and smoothies to produce a healthy drink. Smoothies work particularly well because you can add fruits like strawberries and bananas to the blend. Make sure you use minimal CBD to avoid overpowering the ingredients.

Cooking with CBD oil using these tips can help make it easier to enjoy. Importantly, it can more easily manage problems like physical pain and emotional stress. If you’re interested in CBD and want a high-quality blend, contact our team at Casco Bay Hemp today to learn more. Our team will help you pick an oil that you can cook with to produce tasty foods.

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