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It’s no wonder CBD Patches are one of our most popular private label and white label CBD products. They really work! But how? The experts at Casco Bay Hemp dive into what makes CBD Patches so effective for pain.

What is the best CBD patch?

There is no best CBD patch, but there are tons of variations to try and choose from. Casco Bay Hemp alone offers several variations of transdermal CBD Patches. You can mix and match CBD dosages with different supplements like Menthol (calming) or Lidocaine (numbing). The list provided below is what we currently offer, though if you are looking for a custom manufactured product, we can help with that too!

  • CBD & Menthol Patches (120mg) – 4 30mg patches
  • CBD Patches (160mg) – 4 40mg patches
  • CBD & Lidocaine Patches (240mg) – 4 60mg patches
  • CBD, Menthol & Lidocaine Patches (120mg) – 3 40mg patches

How long does it take for CBD patches to work?

CBD transdermal patches typically take up to 20 minutes to feel the effects. Our patches then use special time released technology to send CBD into your body over the next 8 hours.

What are the best CBD patches?

At Casco Bay Hemp, our favorite patches include Lidocaine, which is a property found in most numbing salves. For optimal pain suppression, CBD and lidocaine work together to give you the best results possible with ease.

Where is the best place to put a CBD patch?

You can put a patch anywhere on your body, though we recommend not placing the patch on an area that contains body hair…ouch! For optimal results, place the patch directly on where the pain is occurring if possible.

How much do CBD patches cost?

CBD Patches don’t have to break the bank! Our patches range in cost from $10-15 per patch.

How fast do CBD patches work?

CBD Patch effects can be felt in 20 minutes or less.

What do CBD patches do?

A CBD Patch is a band-aid like material that sticks right on to skin and delivers a specifically measured dose of CBD straight to you. Because a human’s skin cells contain a lower concentration of CBD than the patch does, the permeation enhancers and CBD carriers within the patch help to move the all natural hemp cannabinoids directly into your bloodstream.

Interested in CBD Patches for private label, white label, or wholesale? Casco Bay Hemp can help with all CBD Patch manufacturing needs. Reach out to sales@cascobayhemp.com or submit the form on our services page.

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