How CBD Has Changed The Way We Look At Cannabis And Improving Our Health

Casco Bay Hemp is a top CBD retailer working to advance the industry by helping other businesses break into the market.

For as long as most of us can remember the prohibition on cannabis has existed due to misconceptions of its use leading to violence, addiction, poor mental health, and crime. Overdramatized media portrayals of hemp use have wrongfully taught the world that it is immoral and dangerous, however, over the past few years that stigma has slowly begun to dwindle with the rise in popularity of Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD.

The plant known as cannabis grows flowers which contain a natural psychoactive chemical known as THC; which causes the “high” people feel when they smoke or ingest it. THC is categorized as a cannabinoid, as is CBD, and they are just two of hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant; the biggest difference is CBD is fully legal due to the fact that it’s not psychoactive at all and won’t cause any sort of mind-altering experiences when ingested.

The world initially started changing their tune on cannabis in the 21st century when a multitude of studies began revealing that it had a ton of medical benefits for patients with cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, etc. The wide variety of ailments that cannabis was proving to alleviate is what led it to becoming legalized for medical use in over thirty countries and 36 states in the US. Once CBD products began to hit the market, medical cannabis users realized they could still feel the relief that the cannabis plant provides without experiencing any psychoactive effects, leading to the conversation surrounding cannabis and the benefits of CBD to become mainstream.

Eben Sumner is the CEO of Casco Bay Hemp, one of the largest and most popular CBD distributors in the state of Maine, however, Casco Bay Hemp is more than just a typical retail company. They work to not only educate the community on the specific benefits of CBD, hemp, and cannabinoids in general, but also help other up-and-coming CBD brands find their footing in this industry that is now growing exponentially around the world.

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