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The holidays are an excellent time to help people get CBD into their lives. It’s an easy gift to give and it’s an exciting one to get.

Your customers are likely tired, stressed, and feeling the first months of cold darkness that winter brings. CBD and its anti-stress, anti-inflammation, and support of quality rest and healing is an excellent tonic for the holiday season.

Whether you’re helping people get through the holiday season, gear up for a better New Year, or just relax and feel better in general, there’s a CBD product for them. Keep reading to learn about three of the best holiday and New Year private label CBD products.

900mg Candy Cane CBD Tincture

The holidays are arguably the most stressful time of year. Gifts, parties, cold weather, dark afternoons, spending money, credit cards, and everything else that comes with the season may make it the most wonderfully stressful time of the year.

But, that’s an opportunity for you, you fine purveyor of antidotes and tonics.

You can help the people get through the New Year and make it to the downward slide to spring time with a little bit of CBD (or a lot).

And why not start on Christmas Day? Or any time that someone may reach for a cup of hot chocolate.

With our limited edition 900mg Candy Cane CBD tincture you can offer them a healthy holiday treat!

1,000mg CBD Muscle Rub

The holidays mean parties, gifts, and stress. And, they also mean New Years and that means New Year’s resolutions.

And what is the most common New Year’s resolution? “Get in shape!” Or something to that affect.

There will no doubt be a massive herd of New Year resolvers going back to the gym once again come January. Unfortunately, many New Year’s resolutions don’t stick, and those who were committed on New Year’s morning won’t last all that long.

You, however, have the power to help some of those resolving souls. 1,000mg CBD Muscle Rub is the perfect CBD product for the New Year.


It’s packed with 1,000mg of CBD and is 4% menthol. This pain crushing combo is…

  • The single best way to reduce the aches and pains of New Years resolution gym visits
  • A sure way to ensure you’ll keep working out… especially when you would normally quit
  • Why “the jury is no longer out” on the common belief that working out has to make you sore

CBD Muscle Rub helps you keep going back day after day, week after week until working out is a habit ingrained in your very being. When working out doesn’t make you hurt everyday, it actually feels really good.

Exercise releases all kinds of endorphins and other feel good chemicals naturally produced in your brain. The CBD and menthol in this deep soaking muscle rub will get rid of the aches and pains of working out, letting you feel the goodness of exercise gains, without any of the negative pains.

Sleep and Restore 900mg CBD + Melatonin Tincture

Do you have trouble falling asleep? What about staying asleep?

Peaceful rest certainly isn’t easy during this crazy time of year. But now with Sleep and Restore 900mg CBD + Melatonin tincture you can ease off into a great night’s sleep, and stay there until morning.

Sleep is the most vital aspect of health and wellness, and it’s often the one most overlooked and least appreciated. This potent sleep aid can help you get the wholesome sleep to support yourself throughout the rest of your day, no matter what you do.

Without quality sleep your mood is less positive, you eat less well, and you get less out of yourself in everything you do. Without quality sleep you’re operating below your full potential and you’re a lesser version of yourself.

Supporting healthy sleep is fundamental to a happy, productive life. CBD + Melatonin is one of the most powerful ways to get back to a happier, more energetic, productive place.

Whether you’re just looking to help people get through the season, or help them have a better New Year for themselves, there’s a CBD product that can help.

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