Holiday Flavor Saviors: Private Label Flavored CBD Oil

The holidays can be tough.

It’s stressful. The credit cards are maxed. There are meals to cook, parties to attend… or host, gifts to give, religions to practice, and it’s colder and darker than any other time of year.

No doubt your customers need some relief. You may too?

Fortunately for you and yours there are holiday flavor saviors.

Private Label Flavored CBD Oil

These saviors come in varying flavors from the state of Maine and elsewhere, made into the forms of tasty, CBD laced treats.

Organic Maine Cranberry CBD Gummies, for Thanksgiving.

Peppermint CBD Tincture for cold nights and hot tea (tea not required).

And Lavender CBD Salve and CBD Bath Bombs, not for eating of course, but because everybody always needs some soothing lavender to relax the days away, and especially because “it’s the most stressderful time of the year…”

Private Label CBD Clients Prepare…the Holidays are Upon You

I know what you’re saying, I’m sure it’s exactly what I was thinking when this came across my desk last week… “it’s still summer, the holidays aren’t for like another 6 months or something…”

Well, I hate to break it to you, you got less than two months to stock up for the holiday gift shopping feeding frenzy formerly known as Thanksgiving night.

It’s no wonder I haven’t worn shorts in weeks, summer has come and (depending on where you live) is long gone.

Now is the time to prepare your store, electronic or otherwise, for the fiending masses who will be desperate for holiday “cheer” (in the form of presents, of course) and some soothing CBD products to go along with their jugs of wine and unwanted zoom holidays.

Stock up on holiday flavor saviors, soothing scented products, and other private label CBD products before it’s too late and summer rolls around again.

Here’s what you need, just in the Saint Nic of time. Check out our private label CBD offerings and search for holiday flavor saviors like it’s the last TV at Wal Mart.

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