Hemp Biomass For Sale - 3 Ways To Use It In Your CBD Business

Hemp Biomass, better known as industrial hemp, is a highly versatile plant.

At one point in the United States, before industrial hemp was ludicrously outlawed right along with marijuana (which was also ludicrous), more than 25,000 different products were manufactured with hemp.

Products ranged from medicines and tonics, to textiles and paper.

In fact, legend has it that the Constitution was drafted on hemp.

A versatile plant, to say the least.

It would be surprising if you had the capability to make any or all of the traditional, industrial products hemp has been used for (if you do, please reach let us know).

But, here are three products you can make using hemp biomass with little or no investment, minimal equipment, and a bit of free time.

Maybe you’ll sell them to your people, maybe you’ll just have fun with it. Either way, check it out.

1. Full Spectrum Crude Oil

Full Spectrum Oil, as I’m sure you know, is the basis for many CBD products. That’s because the first step in the extraction process, when you want a more refined material than whole plant matter, is to get all the chemical compounds in the plant into liquid form. This is done by pressing the cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and all the other compounds out of the plant. This leaves you with a thick, sticky, “crude” oil that can be used to make isolate, distillates, or full spectrum products.

Granted it takes a bit of equipment to make crude (namely, a press to extract the compounds from the biomatter), but it can be rewarding and fun. Not to mention it allows you to start experimenting with formulating your own products.

2. Pre-Rolled Hemp Joints

Ahh joints, the most classic of all cannabinoid products. Rolling joints is probably the most basic, rudimentary way to consume any form of cannabis, or, in this case, hemp. Grab some flower, crush it in a cigarette paper, roll it up, and light. Roll ‘em for yourself or your customers. It’s tough to beat a classic.

3. Hemp Infused Beverages

Hemp infused beverages are really coming onto the scene in early 2021. Particularly in seltzer water, sodas, and other “virgin” drinks. But hemp can also be infused with alcohol. CBD cannot be added to alcoholic beverages, but due to the full spectrum nature of industrial hemp, compared to isolated compounds like CBD, hemp gets the okay from Freddy the Feddie to get dumped in with hooch.

Perhaps it’s a good time to stock up on hemp biomass and contact your favorite brewery to throw together a collaboration beer. Just a thought.

No matter how you slice it, hemp is a highly versatile plant. And you can use that versatility to your advantage in your CBD business. The regulations are the same for hemp and CBD, so if you’re selling CBD you’re cleared to sell hemp.

Take advantage of all the possibilities, experiment, and have fun with his miraculous plant.

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