Governments Everywhere Treat You Like a Kid Stealing From The CBD Candy Jar

Good Australian CBD News Reflects How Oppressive Governments Are When It Comes To Your Mind and Body

News from Australia this week regarding Cannabidiol…people will no longer need a prescription to obtain CBD.

You will see a lot of people in our industry celebrating this “monumental” legislation.

It is great news for Australians looking to access CBD for various, non-prescription level issues. And, it’s great for companies in and outside of Australia who are in the CBD business. Another open(ing) market is always a good thing.

In reality though, this really isn’t great news.

It shows how little headway has been made in appropriately classifying plant compounds. Let me reiterate, these are PLANT COMPOUNDS we’re talking about, that occur naturally, in plants, in nature. The fact that we celebrate when a country decides that adults no longer need to ask for permission to ingest something that grows from the ground, in a plant, and has no known negative side effects?

Come on. It’s childish.

Let Us Eat Our CBD Candy!

It is asinine that governments around the world tell people what they can and can’t put into their bodies. It is even more asinine that governments think they have the right to play God, and decide which parts of a plant or which plants are “good” and “bad.”

This is great for Australians, but for the rest of us it falls short.

It’s a huge step in the right direction that Australians can now (or will soon be able to, 6/1/21 at the earliest) access CBD.

For the rest of us though, outside dingo land, who are now focusing our efforts on ensuring that other cannabinoids become commonplace – to enhance the entourage effect of our products, and enhance the lives of our customers – this falls, well, a bit short.

I don’t want to be ungracious, but I can’t keep getting excited about these crowd pleasing half-measures that governments take when there is an entire world of medicine waiting to be explored in ONE PLANT.

Big Pharma Model Is Blueprint For Australian Plant Medicine

Australia patting themselves on the back for allowing people to access a plant compound (with an impressively positive track record in medical science and user experiences), without daddy doctor’s signature, distracts from the fact, that, if all cannabinoids were allowed to be used in concert with each other the world would be a better place.

Cannabinoid medicines and supplements would induce deeper wellness and catalyze even more impressive treatments and recoveries than the individual compounds already do.

Yet, Australia intentionally stands in the way of this. Per their new law, 98% of every CBD product on the market will have to be CBD.

This means no 1:1 CBD:CBG or CBD:CBN combinations.

“Listen to your parents, only one cannabinoid at a time.”

So thanks Australia, for finally allowing your citizens to access a beneficial plant compound.

And a big middle finger to oppressive governments doing the bidding of pharmaceutical companies who profit off of pain, disease, perpetual patients, and no healthy, effective alternatives to their poisonous pills.

Let’s get it together world and tap into the huge potential of full spectrum plant medicines.

Shop now to get your hands on some full spectrum CBD Candies and stick it to big, obtrusive governments everywhere while sticking your hand in the CBD Candy jar whenever you want.

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