Give CBD This Holiday Season With These Last Minute Gift Ideas! | Casco Bay Hemp

Don’t blink, the holidays are here!

No matter what you celebrate in the lead up to and aftermath of the winter solstice, giving is part of the celebrations. And that’s supposed to be fun right?

The unfortunate reality is that often it’s not.

Giving gifts can be exhilarating, but the process of gathering those gifts so you can spread the joy can be… painful.

And, no matter how often you say you’re getting your gifts shopping done early this year, you always end up doing it at the last minuet. Don’t worry you aren’t alone.

Luckily, CBD is an easy gift to give, and a much appreciated treat to receive. You can hold it together this holiday season with these last minute gifts.

CBD Recovery Bundle

It’s good to think the best of the people in your life right? Would you disagree that it’s bad habit to see the best in the people around you at all times?

With the CBD recovery Bundle, containing 900mg CBD + Melatonin tincture, 1,000mg CBD Roll-On Muscle Rub, and a FREE 10mg CBD Sheet Mask, you can support the best side of the ones you love.

Yes, they may claim they’re going to get in shape next year… every year, and never do. But, you don’t have to hold them to their past mistakes.

Show the people you care about that you support them in their health endeavors. CBD muscle rub is the perfect topical supplement to leave pain and soreness behind at the gym. It’s small, portable, and ready to be rubbed on those sore muscles right after your gift recipient pumps some iron or crushes the stairmaster.

And what’s a recovery routine without deep, restorative sleep? That’s why CBD + melatonin sleep and restore tincture is so vital to this recovery pack.

When you work to shed the holiday (or quarantine) pounds you break your body down. Deep sleep is what allows it to build itself back up. Help your health conscious friends and family get the most out of their wellness routine with restorative sleep.

And, nothing shows your loved ones that you support their health and happiness than a little TLC for the skin. The free CBD sheet mask in this bundle is the icing on the cake for a wellness routine that, hopefully, sticks around all year in 2022.

Instigate healthy habits with the CBD Recovery Bundle here.

CBD Starter Pack

Maybe the people in your life whom you care the most about are more on the novice end of the cannabinoid spectrum. That’s alright!

It gives you an opportunity this holiday season to show them a whole new side of life with the joys of CBD. This starter pack contains all the essentials to start someone down the path of wholesome wellness with CBD:

  • 300mg CBD Capsules: easy pills to pop any time of day to get a little dose of CBD into the system when it’s needed
  • 300mg Lemon CBD Tincture: a tasty way to get CBD throughout the day, mellow in potency, strong in flavor, it makes you want to come back for more
  • 10mg CBD Sheet Mask: because everyone – CBD novice or cannabinoid pro – needs a little unwind time with a relaxing facial treatment

No matter who’s getting this quintessential CBD bundle, their life will be better off for it. Help em out here.

CBD Pet Bundle

Why leave everyone’s best friends out of the CBD holiday fun? Your furry footed friends need some relaxation and wellness too.

The CBD pet bundle with 2mg pet chews and 900mg beef flavored tincture is perfect for cats, dogs, and any other fluffy creature you have running around.

The chews are the perfect treat to entice obedience – they’re delicious (to animals) and they come with just a hint of CBD, to make sure the family pets are pain and worry free throughout the day.

And what pet can say no to a beef flavored anything? It’s delicious and packs a whopping 30mg of CBD per dropper to give your medium-sized pets the healthy support they need to keep getting older.

Plus, it’s fun to give your pets a present, wouldn’t you agree? Grab it here.

There you have it. Don’t fret about what you’re getting this holiday season, Casco Bay Hemp has you covered. Shop now to find the perfect gift for everyone – furry friends included – on your list!

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