Environmental Responsibility

Casco Bay Hemp is proud to announce that we are no longer a plastic producer!

Our CEO created a list of goals for 2021 and at the top of that list was to become a responsible business, for the planet and those that inhabit it. Over the course of the year Casco Bay Hemp was able to cut their plastic consumption by 90%.

Casco Bay Hemp is making a difference

“We’ve made important changes to our containers, moving away from plastic by incorporating new technology in the form of paper containers and tubes, and old technology in the form of glass and metal. As a company, we know that it is important to stop single use plastic at the source. Cutting off the tap while cleaning up the past is how we can help make a difference.”

Being 100% plastic free is unfortunately not a possibility with the supply chain and materials that are available in today’s world. For that reason we partnered with a company that helps us with plastic sequestration, to offset all plastic that we produce by weight. Enter CleanHub, an ocean plastic capture and recycling company, to pull plastic out of the world’s oceans. As of January 2022, our partnership has removed 625 pounds of plastic from the North Coast of the island of Java in the South Pacific. That’s the equivalent of over 46,000 plastic water bottles! We are excited to see those numbers rise throughout the year!

What does this mean for you?

As a customer or client of Casco Bay Hemp you are no longer contributing any plastic to global ecosystems and ocean environments. We are pulling the equivalent of all plastic that we use in our daily business out of the ocean! And, very soon, we will become a plastic negative company.

Being plastic negative is one of the most powerful ways you can positively impact the environment. Every purchase you make with Casco Bay Hemp, in the very near future, will pull more plastic out of the ocean than it produced. It’s a simple way for you to avoid adding plastic waste to the global ecosystem. And, further, it’s a way for you to reduce the total amount of plastic present in the environment!

Every time you order a product from us, we pull the equivalent of the plastic used to manufacture, store, and ship that product to you. And, we pull some more plastic out of the ocean, just for good measure.

It’s our commitment to social and environmental responsibility. We’re doing our part to combat the negative impacts of pollution and ocean waste.

And now you are too, every time you order products from Casco Bay Hemp!