CBD eGift Cards from Casco Bay Hemp | The Perfect Stocking Stuffer

It’s not news to anyone that holiday shopping is going to be a different scene this year.

Us Americans were already moving towards online shopping in droves anyways, and I expect the same is true around the world, but with Corona Virus and all that, online shopping is taking over faster than anyone thought it would.

Why Shop Anywhere But Your Couch?

Can you trust everyone else at the mall to keep you safe?

Will you find what you’re looking for?

Who wants to wear a mask whenever they leave their home?

Do you even want to risk going out into the daunting world filled with germs, conspiracies, and anger?

You, like I, would rather not brave the sketchy world to get some gifts for people who will likely return them anyways.

But what can you do to get the goodies you need to give all the loved ones in your life?

What do they even want this year?

When everyone had to move their entire lives – work, social life, relaxation, exercise etc – into their homes almost a year ago, they bought everything they would ever need to lead as normal a life as possible in the (dis)comfort of their own home.

Who needs anything for anything some nine months after life got consolidated to the one building you spend all your time in?

Corona has created a crazy conundrum for the gift givers of the world this holiday season.

Fortunately, the perfect solution has arrived.

CBD eGift Cards From Casco Bay Hemp

These CBD gift cards are so safe in this virus ridden world, you don’t even have to touch another physical product that’s come into contact with dozens of other humans around the world.

You just get, or rather give, a redeemable email certificate.

Nothing to touch.

A gift that hasn’t been handled by anyone else.

Plus, no plastic waste to speak of… it’s all in “the cloud…”

“But how does this solve the problem that nobody I know needs anything?” You ask?

Well, CBD may be the only thing anyone needs this holiday season.

Generally, the holidays are a stressful time of year for most of us.

Gifting and receiving (things we don’t want), parties, credit cards, hangovers, obligatory visits from “family”, not to mention long nights, short days, and cold weather.

It’s a time of year that needs a holiday to make it tolerable.

The stress can be unbearable under the best conditions, with unseasonably warm weather.

This year?

Throw all of that on top of the mountain of stress that 2020 has been and people are at near panic attack levels of stress.

CBD Saves The Stressed and Tired

CBD is the remedy for that mountain of anxiety.

It relaxes, reduces inflammation, soothes, heals, and generally makes life more tolerable… even during the holidays of 2020.

End your holiday shopping and your holiday shopping problems in one place.

Give everyone on your list a CBD eGift Card.

They need the stress relief, and you need the holiday shopping stress relief.

It’s a win-win.

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